‘Not-Racist’ Public Official ‘Sorry’ He Keeps Saying ‘Little N*gger Babies’ (VIDEO)

A 42-year elected member of California’s Oro Loma Sanitary District has been censured by his fellow officials for his repeated use of the word “n*gger,” as well as a slew of other sexist and racist remarks made to district employees.

Board directors recently censured Laython Landis in a unanimous 4-0 vote for a pattern of “highly inappropriate” behavior, which includes showing up to public events drunk and a pattern of racism and misogyny that almost puts Ted Nugent to shame.

Oro Loma Sanitary District

Most recently, 88-year-old Landis used a derogatory term for African-Americans during a December 10 construction committee meeting. Commenting on the stormy weather, Landis said:

It looks like it’s going to rain cats and dogs and little n*gger babies today.

Landis admits wholeheartedly to using the phrase, but says that he’s not a racist — and that he avoids the term unless he includes it in that exact phrase.

“It’s a saying that’s been around for years — I’ve said it many times,” he said on Tuesday. “I probably offended a few who take offense to the word.”

Landis says he is not a racist — he is just using a phrase he has become accustomed to using over the years. “I don’t know, it just comes out,” Landis explained. “You know, ‘cats and dogs and little n*gger babies’ is about as old as I am.”

Not only does Landis refuse to resign, but he also plans to run for his seat again, and that he apologizes.

I apologize to people who are offended when I keep saying ‘little n*gger babies.’

Voters want him gone, but he says that his resignation would be “a disservice to the people who voted for [him].”

The vote to censure Landis was the first in the board’s history. However, because he is an elected official, board president Timothy Becker says that, if Landis does not resign, not much else can be done.

“This is about the extent of what we can do,” he said. “It would be totally different if he were a district employee, where, ultimately, we could … dismiss a person.” He says leadership is looking into options to remove Landis.

This single remark Landis admits he uses regularly is not the only issue. The resolution also says the 88-year-old is frequently so drunk at events that he is “physically incapable of controlling himself.”

Landis, however, has a defense for this, as well: “I know I’ve had some drinks at a convention and needed help to get back to my room,” he said. “But I’ve always been capable of controlling myself.”

“Mr. Landis has made sexist comments to our female district staff. And it’s becoming more and more of a pattern of behavior,” Becker said, further explaining the issues with the elected official.

Landis is standing his ground. Asked if it might be time for him and his antiquated ideals to go by the wayside, he explained:

No way. I’m going to live to be 102 and shot by a jealous husband.

Watch a report on Landis’ racism, in which he repeats his favorite phrase a few more times: