Little Girl Amazed When Santa Magically Brings Her Soldier Daddy Home For Christmas (VIDEO)

A little girl received the surprise of a lifetime when she asked Santa to bring her soldier father home for Christmas. While visiting a mall Santa, Kayla Hutchens’ niece asked to have her father back home — and Santa certainly delivered.

“My niece asked Santa to bring her DADDY HOME for Christmas!! Santa works fast!!! My niece got the biggest Christmas surprise when she saw her daddy in her photos with Santa!! What a special moment!!!” Hutchens wrote in a Facebook post.

As the little girl was having her photo taken with the Man in Red and White, her father  was hiding behind the seat on which Santa was sitting. While the photos were being snapped, he popped out before disappearing behind the big green chair on which the holiday icon was sitting.

The adorable child was in for the surprise of a lifetime when she walked over to review the photos of herself with Santa Claus.

“Who’s in your photo?” Hutchens asked her niece. “Go look — is he really there?”

“Daddy!” the delighted child said as she turned to find her father sitting with Santa.

“Daddy!” she shouted again, upon realizing that Santa’s magic had brought her father home for the holidays. As the child excitedly rushed to her father’s arms to embrace him, the crowd went wild with applause.

“Did Santa bring you Daddy?” Hutchens asked as the little girl speechlessly nodded before her father hugged her again.

“Thank you,” the child told Santa, who gave her what she wanted most on Christmas: her father.

Is it getting dusty in here? I think I have something in my eyes…

Watch this magical moment, below: