Cory Booker and Rand Paul Just Had An Extremely Amusing #AiringOfGrievances (TWEETS)

In one of the best Twitter exchanges of 2014, Senators Rand Paul and Cory Booker just laid down their Festivus grievances in the most amusing way possible.

Paul chimed into the hashtag for the Festivus  going after President Obama, Senator Harry Reid, etc. However, this series of Tweets was far more amusing:



Booker, then chimed back:

And then this amazing Tweet happened:

Rand replied:

To which Booker responded:

That wasn’t it for Paul though, he then Tweeted:


Quite honestly, that’s funny, and it’s great that he can poke fun at himself.

Paul finished his #AiringOfGrievances wishing everyone a Merry Christmas:

Well done, guys. These Tweets show that not only can the two sides of the aisle potentially work together, but they can tease each other too all in good fun. 


(Images via Twitter)