Incensed Ammosexuals Rough Up Open Carry Counter-Protester, Police Arrest Him (VIDEO)

On December 20, more than 50 ammosexuals gathered outside Washington’s Spokane County Courthouse to protest a November 4 bill that closed a dangerous “gun show loophole.” I-594 extended background checks, previously required only to commercial gun dealers, to purchases at gun shows and even online purchases.

This legislation beat out competing I-591, which would have prevented government agencies from requiring background checks unless requited by federal law.

“It’s no surprise that the people of the Evergreen State did the responsible thing: they stood up to the corporate gun lobby and stood up for a commonsense law that will make their communities safer,” said former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at the time of passage. “Tonight, Washington voters showed that when Americans are given the chance to vote to close the loopholes that let guns fall into the wrong hands, common sense wins.”

“This victory for responsibility in Washington State sends a clear message to the other Washington that if Congress is not ready to act to reduce gun violence, voters in states around the country can and will take the matter into their own hands,” she continued.

The passage of the initiative followed the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting that left four students dead, including the gunman, and three more injured in the attack.

Naturally, as more reasonable regulation has been passed, the blasturbating horde of  gun fetishists came out in force to voice their opposition to sanity. AmericanNewsX  (ANX) reports that one brave man — Michael Weaver — showed up to challenge the roughly two-score-and-ten “patriots” who gathered, with weapons equipped and flags waving, in protest of the voter-approved legislation.

As Weaver was voicing his opposition to the gathering of Teabilly maniacs, he was accosted repeatedly (and followed) by numerous armed individuals in a clear attempt to intimidate him. As he was surrounded by the Neanderthaloid masses of senseless open carry advocates, Weaver loudly voiced his opposition to one of the men in question roughly grabbing his arm.

“Don’t threaten me,” said the man who accosted Weaver, though the lone counter-protester made no threats. As Weaver attempted to walk away, the crowd continued to surround him, barely giving the man room to move. Another man shoved Weaver roughly, to which he replied, “Get your f*cking hand off me” as he walked away from the group that was accosting him.

As a woman backed roughly into him, Weaver shoved her away, asking her not to touch him as many of her cohorts had been doing. Of course, the group decided that he did not have the right to shove someone who intentionally (as the rest had been doing) accosted him.


“The girl in my video that backed into me was stepping on my feet and pushing me backwards on purpose, so i shoved her body off of mine — not to knock her down or anything, but to just get her off me because she was trying to knock me over,” Weaver told ANX.

“I thought she was a man. they all started yelling, ‘He assaulted a woman!’ when i pushed her off me,” he said. “And then, they started shoving me around and all that really did was make me want to get closer to the center of the crowd and speak louder.”

A member of the crowd knocked Weaver to the ground, and it was “citizen’s arrest” time, though Weaver committed no crime past minimal self-defense. As numerous individuals roughly grabbed and dragged Weaver, someone in the crowd can be heard shouting, “Shoot him!”

Weaver was thrown to the ground as members of the crowd piled on top of him. “This is a citizens’ arrest. Hold still. Don’t resist,” one man said as Weaver pleaded for someone to help him.

The mob lied to a police officer, claiming that Weaver “assaulted a female,” though he can be clearly seen simply shoving her away as she intentionally backed into him. Instead of doing his job, the officer blindly believed the crowd of angry ammosexuals, slapping handcuffs on Weaver as the mob cheered.


Weaver was cited for fourth degree assault, a laughable charge if police had bothered to ask for evidence.

Despite problems, Weaver feels he accomplished his objective:

My goal at the rally was accomplished by drawing out the true nature of the people involved with it, They showed instability mentally, a misunderstanding of the law, and a predisposition to act violently and lie for one another. Those are not character traits of good people.