Fox Affiliate Edits Peaceful Protest Chant To Sound Like ‘Kill A Cop’ (VIDEO)

Baltimore’s Fox affiliate desperately wanted to portray an anti-police brutality rally as a pro-police killing one, but they ran into a problem. No one they encountered wanted to see police murdered. Rather than drop the story, Fox went ahead and deceptively edited the footage they got to make it seem as if protesters were chanting “Kill a cop.” That’s what passes for journalism over at Fox.

The rally in question, held in Washington, D.C. and called the “National ‘Justice For All’ March,” was broadcast on C-SPAN. At one point in the video, a rally organizer can be heard chanting “We won’t stop. We can’t stop. Until the killer cops. Are in cell blocks.”

The chant, like the rally, expressed the desire of many around the country for police officers who kill unarmed black men and boys to face justice.

The YouTube video embedded above is titled “Sharpton’s ‘Go Kill A Cop’ march in Wash DC.” The uploader (rhetorically) asks if he “heard this right” – the answer is, of course, no, he didn’t. In the video you can clearly make out that the speaker said “Until the killer cops/Are in cell blocks.”

However, Fox affiliate WBFF decided journalism, ethics, and even a dim awareness of how reporting works should all be curtailed to help drive a racist narrative that black protesters are hunting for cops to kill. Some might call that irresponsible, but Fox calls it pandering to their audience.

Using the YouTube video as a starting point, WBFF’s broadcast featured a reporter somberly announcing that the protesters were talking about cop killing.

According to the reporter:

“At this rally in Washington, D.C., participants chanted ‘We won’t stop. We can’t stop. So kill a cop.”

Then playing the video, they cut off the speaker right after the word “cop,” ignoring the final part. They had to for the deception to work. “So kill a cop/Are in cell blocks” makes no sense, even to viewers who are eager to find it.

Gawker, who was all over this story from the get-go, noted that there is a further sick twist to this pathetic attempt at stoking white racial fears. The woman leading the chant – the one Fox affiliate WBFF didn’t hesitate to smear with lies – is Tawanda Jones, the sister of a black Baltimore man who was murdered by the Baltimore City Police in 2013. Despite her personal history with “killer cops,” she, like almost everyone in the country, strongly denounced killing cops in retribution.


Given the shortage of a moral compass over at WBFF, it should come as no surprise that the station’s response to being exposed has been nearly as depraved as its original decision to lie about the footage. In a statement released on its Facebook page, the guilty-as-sin station refused to apologize and instead took the opportunity to try to railroad Tawanda Jones by having her on to “discuss… the recent violence.”

Last night on Fox45 News at Ten we aired a story regarding the increased risk in being a police officer in light of recent grand jury rulings and the shooting deaths of two police officers in New York City. We aired part of a protest covered by CSPAN that appeared to have protesters chanting “kill a cop”. We spoke to the person in the video today and she told us that is not what she was chanting. Indeed, Tawanda Jones, says she was chanting, “We won’t stop ‘til killer cops are in cell blocks”. We invited Tawanda to appear on Fox45 News at 5:00 and Fox45 News at Ten tonight for an interview so we can discuss the video and the recent violence in New York City. She has kindly accepted and we will bring you that tonight.

The violence Jones had absolutely no part of, nor did any of the protesters. The station wishes to discuss that violence with her.

As always, the fact that the video was debunked almost instantly and the station was caught red-handed doesn’t mean that conservative bloggers have any qualms in pushing it as their Cause célèbre. Going forward, I’m sure we can expect to see it cropping up from time to time as “proof” that protests about police brutality are hurting police officers. So hats off to Baltimore’s news leader, WBFF, for being willing to sacrifice their integrity in order to get a few more racists to tune in. That must feel really great.

Feature image via Fox45