Bring On The Dumb! 10 Of The Stupidest Things Said in 2014

As we near the end of another year, it’s time to look back on some of the dumbest words that were spoken in the past 12 months. Politicians, ranchers, makers of bad films… they’re all here. And they’re all stupid.

10. Felonious Rancher Cliven Bundy

“They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.” ~~ Cliven Bundy tells us what he knows about the “negro,” April 19th

9. Former Governor Mike Huckabee

“My gosh, I’m beginning to think that there’s more freedom in North Korea sometimes than there is in the United States.” ~~ Mike Huckabee speaking at the New Hampshire Freedom Summit , April 12th

8. Republican State Senator Brandon Smith

“I won’t get into the debate about climate change but I’ll simply point out that I think in academia we all agree that the temperature on Mars is exactly as it is here. Nobody will dispute that. Yet there are no coal mines on Mars. There’s no factories on Mars that I’m aware of.” ~~ Kentucky State Senator Brandon Smith, on why climate change is a hoax, July 3rd

7. Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh

“If you had to attach, not a philosophy, but an attitude to a leftist worldview, it’s one of pessimism and darkness, sadness. They’re never happy, are they? They’re always angry about something.” ~~ Rush Limbaugh on why Robin Williams killed himself, August 12th

6. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

“I gotta tell you the truth — I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage.” ~~ Gov. Chris Christie speaking at a Chamber of Commerce event, October 21st

5. Texas Senator Ted Cruz

“Net Neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet.” ~~ Sen. Ted Cruz in a Tweet, November 10th

4. Dr. Ben Carson

“(Humans) think that they are so smart that if they can’t explain how God did something, then it didn’t happen, which of course means that they’re God. You don’t need a God if you consider yourself capable of explaining everything.” ~~ Dr. Ben Carson, September interview on “Faith and Liberty.”

3. Republican activist Todd Kincannon

“No idea how my son will die, but I know it won’t be cowering like a bitch at UC Santa Barbara. Any son of mine would have been shooting back.” ~~ Todd Kincannon, chairman of the South Carolina election commission in reference to the shootings at that school, May 25th

2. Fox News host Sean Hannity

“They just can’t give their viewers the facts. They have to spin the story.” ~~ Sean Hannity on The Daily Show writers, April 22nd

1. Christian actor Kirk Cameron

“We don’t know this stuff, we kinda drink the Kool-Aid and believe pagans when they tell us they have ownership of these things.” ~~ Kirk Cameron on Christmas traditions, November 13th

There were, of course, many more stupid things said in the past year but  — on account of both time and space — I have to limit myself. You, on the other hand, are free to post as many dumb comments from 2014 as you like in the comments.