Sarah Palin Wants You to Keep Christ in Christmas By Buying Her Bargain Bin Literary Failure (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin is a legendary author, in that anything she produces goes straight from the printer to the bargain bins of booksellers around the nation at an impressive rate. In 2010 Media Matters reported that retailers were so desperate to get Palin’s Going Rogue book off their shelves, that they sold it well below cost in an effort to be rid of it.

“The big lecture buyers in the US are paralyzed with fear about booking her, basically because they think she is a blithering idiot,” a source told the New York Post at the time. “They don’t want to tick people off.”

Palin’s literary career has been dismal, overall, with the half-wit, half-term former Governor of Alaska struggling to keep her mind-bogglingly stupid writings out of the clearance aisle. As Palin has continually beat the war drums for the nonexistent “war on Christmas,” her attempts at rallying people to her cause have been a dismal flop.

Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas, Palin’s 2012 installment to her rapidly growing compendium of human stupidity, received hilarious reviews, and can currently be purchased from independent sellers for as little as a penny.

Palin has decided to give the “War on Christmas” another go, promoting her failure of a Christmas book on the hilarious Saturday Night Live-like internet “television” channel:

Oh, I am so excited for people to get to read this Christmas book, while protecting the heart of Christmas and not allowing the Scrooges out there to take Christ out of Christmas, or to erode any of the tradition we celebrate during the Christmas season. It’s called ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.’

Palin, who was recently involved in a drunken birthday party brawl, discussed protecting “what we believe in at this time of year,” before jumping back to promoting a book no one wants to read:

What we believe in is freedom of expressing our faith and what our beliefs are, not allowing just a few angry atheists with attorneys perhaps to tell us that we can’t celebrate the birth of Christ the way that we would like to.

And it’s not an in-your-face political lecture, it’s a fun book that incorporates the solution to the challenge that is the war on Christmas that we see taking place right now.

Palin said she believes that her ridiculous book will “hopefully will spark some inspiration in other people to allow them, no matter what faith anyone is, allow them some Christmas joy to spread.”

Palin says her book includes delicious treats like moose chili, as well as a well-known recipe anyone can find on the back of a cereal box: rice krispie treats.

Palin’s book received some amazing reviews. One person said:

I had a dream that instructed me to follow a star in the night sky to purchase this book. I don’t usually buy books because the nearest book shop is miles from my trailer park. Buying it on Amazon was super convenient, and I could do it from the office of my trailer park. The book was just as I had dreamed it would be. It was a clarion call for people like me, with more tattoos than teeth, to fight to protect Christmas. It’s not just a holiday for getting drunk and overspending at Walmart, it is a celebration of our little lord Jesus and his gift to humanity. Speaking of gifts…I didn’t even know Sarah Palin could write…but boy can she ever. Some of the sentences were really hard to read but mostly she is careful to avoid big words, and this makes it easier to read. I am sending this to all my family who won’t be able to join me for Christmas. Just because they have limited books at their prison library doesn’t mean my family (who are all Sarah Palin fans) shouldn’t have the chance to read her powerful words. I will say it was a bit tiring to read it because there are a lot of pages and my mouth got tired from sounding out all the words, but don’t give up. I also want to mention, that when libruls say Sister Sarah is a low information shrieky howler monkey with all the subtlety of a jackhammer on a hangover in August, they are lie-telling. Get this book for all the inmates in your family.

Another said:

We can’t let the tyrant-in-chief ruin our Christmas, we must reload patriot drill baby drill founding-fathers avocado more guns Alaska evil liberals you betcha wink wink slavery amen Jesus Benghazi.

With glowing reviews like these, who wouldn’t want to read her book? However, the cost may be a factor — Even at one penny, shipping costs will push the price of the book beyond reasonable levels.

Watch Palin incoherently push her book, below: