Dish Network Drops Fox News, and ‘Fair and Balanced’ Crew Is Livid (SCREENSHOTS/VIDEO)

For now, Dish Network has been cleansed of one lying entertainment company masquerading as a news channel. Thanks to Fox News’ unreasonable demands for the new distribution contract between the two entities, Fox News and Fox Business Network were removed from Dish on Saturday night.

The Wall St. Journal reports:

Dish, which has 14 million subscribers, accused Fox of attempting to use the contract talks as leverage to increase fees for sports and entertainment channels covered by contracts separate from the Fox News and Fox Business agreements.

“It’s like we’re about to close on a house and the realtor is trying to make us buy a new car as well,” said Warren Schlichting, Dish’s senior vice president of programming.

Fox said the deal it offered Dish has been accepted by other major pay-TV distributors.

“They did not want to accept terms and commitments that have become customary in a Fox News renewal,” said Tim Carry, the Fox News executive in charge of distribution.

Dish says that Fox was asking for an “unprecedented rate increase of more than 50 percent.”

Fox, for its part, overvalues its propaganda. “The proposal we’ve offered Dish is fair and in line with the tremendous value we provide. We regret the inconvenience to our viewers, but Dish has asserted its subscribers do not value our channels and has made a decision to go forward without them,” the network said in a Friday statement.

This sort of dispute is not uncommon for Dish, which is attempting to keep costs down, as well as prices for its customers. Recently, the provider briefly dropped CNN and Cartoon Network before agreeing to a short-term deal that would allow the networks to air.

Facts, however, do not matter to Fox, who is attempting to bully Dish into accepting the new terms. On its Facebook page, the ‘Fair and Balanced’ network announced:

12-21-2014 5-00-28 PM

The post links to, which pushes a phone-in and e-mail campaign against Dish Network, and offers alternatives for people who are so determined to be misinformed that they will change providers. Fox even provides a helpful video. Unsurprisingly, it does not tell the truth:


A gigantic banner on the Fox News homepage also allows rabid right-wingers to learn of this fabricated injustice — once again, encouraging viewers to switch TV providers:

12-21-2014 3-52-07 PM

Despite the obvious lies told by Fox News, viewers are livid:

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Fox News is the only major news network to actually sue to protect its right to blatantly lie and misinform viewers. Unfortunately, despite this bit of information, Fox remains the number one cable news network, ratings-wise.

For now, Dish has replaced Fox News with The Blaze (which is not an improvement), owned by master misinformer Glenn Beck. This is the first time Fox News has been blacked out by any major television distributor, according to CNN.

Though the dispute was solely financial, and was brought about by the greed of the “news” network, the decision to (for now) move forward without this particular lie factory is a service to Dish Network subscribers.