Mom of the Year Candidate Leaves Six-Year-Old In Traffic After Stealing From Walmart

A Pennsylvania woman is facing numerous charges, including endangering the welfare of a child, after she left her six-year-old daughter in the middle of traffic as she ran away from Walmart. Judith Ann Blank, 42, was attempting to evade capture after she stole numerous items while using the self-checkout line at a Lower Macungie Twp. location of the big-box giant.

Kelme Fitcher, a Walmart asset protection employee, told police that she saw Blank placing items in her bags that she had not scanned at the self-checkout. When the “mother” attempted to leave the store with the stolen items, Fitcher confronted her.

The Walmart employee says she asked Blank to come to her office to talk, but the mother left through the main entrance before re-entering the store hurling expletives- and a case of soda-at Fitcher and once again exiting the store.

Fitcher followed the thief to the parking lot, but Blank ran into oncoming traffic, leaving her daughter in the middle of the street. Fitcher says the little girl was almost hit by a vehicle, but she grabbed the child by the hand as the mother continued to run away.

Eventually, Blank returned again to grab her daughter, threw the child into the shopping cart, and again ran away from the store.

Police recovered the stolen goods from a treeline of the road about a half mile from the Walmart parking lot. Blank faces charges of retail theft, recklessly endangering another person, endangering the welfare of a child and disorderly conduct.

The value of the items for which the mother placed her daughter’s life at risk was just $24.