Small Child Shoots Himself In The Head After Climbing Christmas Presents To Get To Unsecured Handgun (VIDEO)

When irresponsible parents leave guns around the house, it is almost inevitable that curious child will find one. Three-year-oldĀ Michael Kyron Boyles was one such child. The Simpsonville, South Carolina boy found an unsecured handgun in his mother’s bedroom and began playing with it, unattended, leading to the discharge of the sole bullet in the weapon.

“It was loaded. One bullet was in the chamber, and it was ready to fire,” Greenville County Coroner Parks Evans said.

via Greenville Online

via Greenville Online

The boy’s father, the owner of the gun, died of cancer in May, but the weapon itself was stashed in a drawer. The mother removed the magazine from the gun, but one bullet remained in the chamber.

Michael climbed some Christmas presents to reach the drawer where the gun had been stashed as his mother was in another part of the house tending to his brother. According to Evans, the mother assumed the gun was safe in the dresser.

“She didn’t even think that he knew a gun was in that drawer,” Evans said.

The gun was described as “one of the few types that will still fire without a magazine. There wasn’t a gun lock or a traditional safety mechanism,” according to Greenville Online.

via Greenville Online

via Greenville Online

Michael’s mother says she had only left him alone in the bedroom for a few minutes when she heard the gunshot, which she first assumed was noise from nearby construction.

Despite unsubstantiated claims from the ammosexual Right that gun ownership decreases one’s risk of being a victim of a violent crime, keeping a gun in the home substantially increases the likelihood that someone in the home will die — no matter how guns are stored, how many there are, or what type they are.

Children aged 5 to 14 in the United States are 11 times more likely to die from an accidental gun shot wound than children in other developed countries.

The death was ruled accidental, and no charges will be filed.

Watch a report on this tragic, unnecessary, and completely avoidable death, below: