Dad’s Attempt To Give Bad Xmas Presents Backfires In Best Way Possible (VIDEO)

One father’s attempt to give his children terrible presents as an early Xmas gift was an attempt to show them exactly how lucky they are — but Tim Cocker’s little prank had one small problem: The appreciative children loved their “terrible” gifts.

“As we approach Xmas I wonder if my children realise how fortunate they are when they are inevitably spoilt rotten on Xmas Day,” Cocker wrote on his YouTube post. “So I decided to let them have one early gift 2 weeks before Xmas. One completely terrible gift that is.”

When Cocker’s children told him what they wanted for the holiday, he teased them with the prospect of opening one present early. He presented Connie and Louie with their gifts. When the children unwrapped their prizes, they discovered — a banana and an onion.

“It’s my present!” beamed Connie as she proudly held her onion. “A banana,” Louie said, smiling incredulously as he examined what was most definitely a yellow fruit.

“I got a banana!” aaid Louie. “And I got an onion!” Connie added.

“Thank you for my banana,” Louie said later in the video. “Thank you for my onion,” Connie said.

While some children get fussy about their presents, these two adorable children have shown us that, as long as you give it to them out of love, they will appreciate any gift they receive.

While Mr. Cocker’s experiment can be viewed as a failure in that he did not accomplish his expected outcome, the truth is that he has given us something beautiful this holiday season: The pure joy of two children receiving something silly from their beloved father.

That gift is priceless.

Watch the cuteness unfold, below: