Adult Film Star Who Passed Most Difficult Bar Exam in Country Shames Those Who Stigmatize Women in Her Industry

The California bar exam sets the “bar,” so to speak, as the most difficult in the country. This year, just 48.6 percent of those who attempted it passed — and among them was a woman who works in an industry reputed by many to be filled with brainless mounds of meat.

Unfortunately for those who choose to label those in the sex industry as stupid, former adult film star Heather Swift (Holly Price in the adult entertainment world) passed that exam, and is on her way to what could be a successful law career.

Swift, a 2013 graduate of Western State University College of Law, was working as an exotic dancer when she successfully triumphed over the California bar exam on her first try.


“I took the July 2014 California Bar Exam (my first time taking any bar exam), and I PASSED. No, I did not get time and a half, nor do I have any inside connections to the California State Bar,” she said in an e-mail to the Above the Law blog, before destroying social stigmas against those in her industry:

How did I do it? Because unbeknownst to many, women in the adult industry are intelligent and can matriculate through a cutthroat tier 3 law school, and pass the hardest bar exam in history. Unlike Miriam Weeks, I actually did graduate through law school, and I actually did pass the most difficult bar exam on my first attempt.

Perhaps society needs to relinquish stereotypes and overcome their jealousy.

Swift ended her e-mail with a message for those who call female adult entertainers stupid:

As for those who snicker at women in the adult industry and who couldn’t pass the exam, stop laughing because a stripper porn star is apparently smarter than you.

Let this be a lesson to those who are happy to watch the action, yet who denigrate the entertainers as stupid or worthless: This woman accomplished something most people can’t and, for that, she deserves to be commended.

Featured Image courtesy of: Above the Law