You’ve Never Seen Over 11,000 People Killed By Guns Like This (VIDEO)

America has a gun problem. Every single day, at least 30 people die from a gun wound. Some of it “accidental,” some of it by suicide, some of it homicide. In 2013, for example, about 11,419 people died because of guns.

But have we become so used to the bloodshed that we don’t even consider the cost anymore?

Enter Periscopic, “a socially-conscious data visualization firm that helps companies and organizations promote information transparency and public awareness.”

In other words, they put the dry statistics into a visual form that anyone can easily grasp (and hopefully weep at). And now they’ve taken on the horror of American gun violence:

Screen grab

As you watch the video, each life is traced from the moment of birth to the moment of unnatural death and then the line continues to the moment of what might have been their natural death. The number in the upper right hand corner is how many years were stolen by a gun.

It seems innocuous enough until the dead start piling up. Line after line after line of lives cut short by a gun. The video runs for just under a minute and it’s startling to see so many lives destroyed in such a short amount of time. A horrifying 9,595 dead in 2010 and a nauseating 11,419 dead in 2013. All due to our obsession with guns.

Watch the (mostly complete) video here:


This video doesn’t show the rest of 2013 but when you watch the full demonstration here, you find that the years stolen reaches 502,025. Over half a million years wasted just in 2013 alone because we’ve allowed the NRA to turn our country back into the Wild Wild West. The most powerful nation on Earth is so afraid of its own shadow that we cling to guns like a security blanket? How humiliating.

But how can Periscopic know when these people would have died naturally? They don’t. Not exactly. Periscopic uses “an age prediction weighted according to the age distribution of US deaths.” So while the predicted age of death of any given person on the graph is pure speculation, the overall picture is accurate. In any given group of Americans, X amount of people will die at age 40, Y amount will die at 50 and so on. The math is well established and life insurance companies use it to determine rates so Periscopic’s graph is far from a flight of fancy. It’s a depressing reality.