Nancy Grace Absolutely Obliterates Darren Wilson And Prosecutor Robert McCulloch On CNN (VIDEO)

When Darren Wilson escaped being indicted for murder by the grand jury, outrage erupted in Ferguson and across the nation, and that outrage extended to the CNN set as Nancy Grace made it crystal clear that she thinks Wilson’s testimony is complete garbage and that he should have been indicted.

On Wednesday, Grace appeared on CNN with Brooke Baldwin to discuss the grand jury decision. Grace didn’t hold back, and she thoroughly ripped Darren Wilson, his testimony, the grand jury, and the prosecutor a new one.

GRACE: When people say, it just doesn’t add up, I will tell you what doesn’t add up, these photos. Because I was expecting to see and we’ve all seen them, I’ve looked at a them, I’ve studied them, and I was expecting to see his face mangled. I hear what he’s saying and that he was afraid and this happened and that happened, but I always go back to the beginning and the beginning is this: You got an armed man and an unarmed man. The unarmed man is shot six to seven times. He unloaded many many more bullets. Why? He doesn’t even have a bruise, right? It’s red. He’s got a red mark! I don’t see it. And another thing, when he says ‘It all happened so fast I couldn’t think,’ then later says ‘I paused and thought, “Can I legally shoot him?”‘ Listen, it doesn’t add up.

BALDWIN: He says he didn’t have any other options.

GRACE: Look, do you know how many times I have sided against a cop? Never. But to me, this is bigger than a badge. And I don’t like speaking out against a cop, but this doesn’t add up. And another thing, grand jury. I have presented to grand juries so many times I can’t even count them. On a single day, we would present 75 to 150 cases to the grand jury and we would do that two times a week… I feel that the district attorney, as much as I respect him in other ways, used the grand jury to do as he wanted them to do as his tool. He didn’t want to drop it. He presented it in such a way that this grand jury would not bring charges and I don’t like that.

Baldwin then talked about Wilson’s description of Brown and the altercation that allegedly occurred. Wilson said that Brown looked like a demon and that his size was like Hulk Hogan, even though both men are about the same size. Baldwin asked if his testimony should have been questioned and challenged by the prosecutor instead of treating Wilson with kid gloves.

GRACE: The grand jurors are like sheep, they’re babes in the woods. The prosecutor’s duty is to seek the truth. I am telling you that the prosecutors, if they want an indictment, they will get an indictment. When I went to a grand jury, I went to the grand jury on each case because I believed the offense had been committed and I had the right guy or the police had the right guy, and I went in there to present our evidence. If I didn’t think there was a case I would never have gone to the grand jury. You don’t use the grand jury to achieve your personal gain, to achieve what you want them to do. You go in to get a true verdict.

Grace then held up the photos of Wilson’s “injuries” and declared that “there’s nothing here, not even a bruise” and then slammed Wilson for taking alternative actions that wouldn’t have resulted in a teenager being brutally shot to death if Brown indeed had reached his arm into his police cruiser as he claims.

Here’s the video via CNN:

And there you have it. In just one discussion about the case, the former prosecutor and current legal commentator for CNN crushed Wilson’s testimony and “injury” photographs and crucified prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch for refusing to challenge Wilson on the stand, therefore helping a killer escape justice.

This grand jury decision is a textbook example of what a miscarriage of justice looks like. McCulloch didn’t even try to get Wilson indicted. The whole process a was sham to make it seem like justice was being sought. Behind closed doors, McCulloch let Wilson run the show and only asked softball questions that most prosecuting attorneys would lose their job over. So to recap, an unarmed black teenager was shot multiple times by a white cop in broad daylight, the white cop says he was scared for his life even though it looks like he slapped himself to make a red mark, the witnesses to the shooting refute the white cop’s version of events, but the prosecuting attorney and the Ferguson police conspire to make sure Wilson gets away with his crime. Wilson was given months to prepare his testimony and never provided an initial statement to police to compare his testimony to. Meanwhile, Brown is mercilessly trashed as a thug in the media. And then the grand jury decides not to indict because the prosecutor had no interest in making sure a dirty cop goes to prison. Now he’s free to live his life while Brown will never breathe again. Does any of this sound fair to anyone else?