Everybody Hates Ted: Study Finds Facebook Users Almost Unanimously Dislike Cruz

At the top of your Facebook page, the social media site asks “What’s on your mind?” Increasingly, users are answering “Ted Cruz sucks.”

An analysis conducted by ABC News found that so-called “positive interactions” (that is, people talking about Texas’ Republican Senator Ted Cruz in a good way) are plummeting. Everyone is getting tired of the guy. In a snapshot before the midterm elections, the love-hate ratio that Cruz received on Facebook was roughly 50-50. That make a certain sort of sense because people who really like Cruz and people who really, really don’t like him are the ones most likely to talk about him. But that all changed – and quickly.

Cruz’s popularity went from 52 percent, down to about 34 percent in just two weeks. On the flip side, the “negative” chatter about the senator skyrocketed, going from 44 percent to 61 in the same time period. It’s become clear that Cruz is losing any good will he once had, even among his loyal supporters.

So why the sudden change? ABC speculates that this is due to his inept comments regarding net neutrality. Like a good corporately-sponsored politician, Cruz is doing his part to kill net neutrality and in the most Cruz-like way possible: by comparing it to Obama.

Last week, Cruz penned a message on his Facebook page that stated that the “biggest regulatory threat to the Internet is ‘net neutrality.’ In short, net neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet.”

And by doing so, Cruz proved that his opinions are the Ebola of intelligent thought. His remarks were widely ridiculed both by the American public and by his fellow colleagues in Washington. Sen. Al Franken was asked about the remarks and noted that “He has it completely wrong. He just doesn’t understand what this issue is.” That’s a polite way of saying that Cruz is a moron.

Making matters worse, net neutrality is one of those things that is so painfully obvious to everyone that both right and left agree that its a good thing. There are just three types of people who want to kill net neutrality in America: Conservative politicians, conservative pundits hoping to please them, and the CEO of Comcast. Falling outside of that category, you probably aren’t dying to pay higher rates to get slower internet speeds in a country with already comparatively terrible internet service.

The results of the “net neutrality is Obamacare” gaffe was a massive spike in people trolling Cruz on Facebook. The next few days were brutal for Cruz; just 26 percent of users could muster anything nice to say about him. Most people spent the afternoon calling Cruz an idiot, a corporate shill or a combination of both.


Image via Facebook

So Cruz stepped in it there, but allow me to float another theory for why Cruz is becoming so much less popular: He’s talking more.

Call it the Sarah Palin Effect. Cruz has been jumping from tv camera to tv camera to promote himself after the midterms. Partly, this is because he now believes that he is the de facto leader of Congress – self-appointed and ordained by the god which speaks only in his head – but it’s also a move towards drumming up support for his inevitable presidential run in 2016. That makes sense, to be elected president you are going to be asked to speak a lot. The problem with this strategy is that the more Cruz talks the more it becomes clear that Cruz has nothing intelligent to say. I can see Sarah Palin nodding her head in sympathy now. Words are hard.

As he goes on television to argue against net neutrality or issue pointed threats that he would be willing to shut the government down once again if Obama does anything not “Ted Approved,” he opens himself to a lot of ridicule. Light, as they say, is the best disinfectant and Cruz is never far away from the Fox News studio spotlight.