Meet ‘Meltdown Mike,’ Our New, Tantrum-Throwing, Dog-Killing GOP Congressman (VIDEO)

Meet ‘Meltdown Mike’ Bost, the tantrum-throwing, dog-murdering new GOP congressman from southern Illinois. And how did someone with Bost’s stellar reputation get elected to the U.S. House of Representatives?

Well, there’s THIS.

Mike Bost having a meltdown in Illinois' state assembly.

Animated gif with Mike Bost in mid-meltdown: Chicago Sun Times.

Back in 2012, then-State Rep. Bost threw a screaming, paper-flinging, red-faced temper tantrum during a debate on pension reform. During his bizarre rant against his Democratic colleagues, Bost shouted:

“I’m sick of it! I feel like somebody trying to be released from Egypt. Let my people go!”

Fast forward two years, with Bost running for Democratic incumbent Bill Enyert’s seat in the US House.  The Sun Times reports Democrats trotted out the “Meltdown Mike” video — with the tagline “Mike Bost would make Washington worse” — to boost Enyert’s flagging campaign.

Alas, this tactic backfired horribly. Although Bost sought to impose even more draconian sacrifices on his state’s taxpayers and public employees, voters didn’t catch that. They saw their tantrum-throwing state rep. as a fighter, and sent him to Washington!

These voters will soon learn the hard way which party is causing the gridlock and sluggish economic recovery that has frustrated them all these years. Even by the increasingly low bar set by the Republican Party, Bost will stand out among his Washington colleagues as an insane, angry, ranting lunatic.

Oh, and guess what? Bost also shot and killed a beagle named Rusty during one of his fits of rage back in 1986.

Mike Bost once shot and killed a neighbor's beagle.

Incoming GOP Congressman Mike Bost shot and killed one of these in a fit of rage. Photo: cc 2009, HarperLauren via Flickr.

According to The Huffington Post, the beagle bit Bost’s then-four-year-old daughter, and the bite was serious enough to require 19 stitches. However, the report from Animal Control indicated that the little girl had provoked the bite because she chased the dog (and Bost, apparently did nothing to stop her).

Since Animal Control either took no action, or didn’t take action quickly enough, ‘Meltdown Mike’ took matters into his own hands.

According to court records, Bost was displeased that authorities would not be able to deal with the 10-year-old dog immediately. So he got his handgun, drove to Rusty’s owner’s home, and shot the dog to death while it was penned in an enclosure.

Bost faced criminal charges, but the jury acquitted him.

Still, you’d think Bost would want to keep real quiet about that incident and not… well… make any stupid dog-killing jokes around reporters. Nope. Another article from The Huffington Post reports that during an interview with Politico‘s Alex Isenstadt, Bost’s labradoodle scampered in front of his car, and he “joked,”  “What if I killed a second dog in front of a reporter?”

Hahaheheh… [crickets].

‘Meltdown Mike’ Bost’s epic rant on pension reform.

Here’s the video with “Meltdown Mike” Bost’s insane rant on pension reform for your enjoyment. You’re welcome.

Featured image: Video screen grab/YouTube.