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Georgia Mother Catches Cop Next Door Molesting Her 15- Year- Old Son (VIDEO)

A Georgia mother has filed a complaint against a Smyrna police officer, who is also her neighbor. The woman, who was interviewed by CBS 46, says  that the officer hired her 15- year- old son to walk his dog a few months ago. Shortly after the boy began working for the cop, she says she began to suspect that something was wrong. She said in the interview:

“You don’t need to be in the apartment for that.”

The woman says that one night when her son did not come home, she went to the cop’s apartment looking for him.

“When I went up to knock on the door it took about 5 minutes for them to open the door. You could hear them walk up to the door and look out the peep-hole. They walked away, and they told me they were coming. My son opened the door.”

Upon returning home, the woman took her son’s cell phone. It was then that she found a series of explicit text messages and photos sent from the officer’s phone, which she describes as ‘just disgusting’. CBS 46 confirms that the text messages and photos exist, but reports the pictures and texts are too graphic to show on camera.

“Everything was done in secret,” the mother said. “Everything.”

While the woman has filed a complaint with the police department, she obviously has serious concerns about doing so. Smyrna police say that an internal investigation is being conducted into the officer’s behavior. Authorities also say that the child molestation charges are being handled by the Cobb County Crimes Against Children Unit. However, CBS 46 reports that investigators who are supposed to be working on the case have not even looked at the text messages or photos on the boy’s phone.

In order to protect the identity of her son, the woman asked to remain anonymous. The officer accused of molesting the teen did not respond to requests for a statement.

A child predator very often seeks out the kind of job that will give him a sense of power and control over others. It’s all too common to find child molesters working in fields like law enforcement or clergy. The predator often chooses a single target, usually a child he sees as vulnerable for some reason. He then focuses his attention on that one child. Once the predator has identified the target, he sets out to cultivate a ‘relationship’ with the child he’s targeted.

In other words, this cop followed the known pattern of a child sex offender to the letter.

Here’s the video from CBS 46:

*Featured Image Credit: CBS 46