Confederate-Supporting Conservatives Want To Declare Mississippi A Christian State In 2016 (VIDEO)

In what would be a totally unconstitutional measure if it were to pass, conservatives with a fetish for the failed Confederacy are trying to put a ballot initiative before voters in 2016 in an effort to declare Mississippi a Christian state.

If passed, the measure would declare Mississippi a Christian state, an English-only state, designate “Dixie” as the official state song, and would require the preservation of Confederate symbols at the University of Mississippi, which includes the former mascot Colonel Reb. In addition, the state flag that includes Confederate flag elements would have to be flown in front of all public buildings and would establish a Confederate History Month and a Confederate Memorial Day. It would be a Ku Klux Klan dream come true.

The initiative, which needs 107,000 signatures by next October, is being pushed by the Magnolia State Heritage Campaign, a group which includes a former Republican state representative. The language of the proposed amendment to the state constitution reads that Mississippi is “a principally Christian and quintessentially Southern state, in terms of the majority of her population, character, culture, history, and heritage, from 1817 to the present.”

And later:

“The Holy Bible is acknowledged as a foremost source of her founding principles, inspiration, and virtues. Accordingly, prayer is acknowledged as a respected, meaningful, and valuable custom of her citizens.”

Here’s a report on the proposal via WATN.

Mississippi seems to be the central battleground for neo-Confederates who want to reignite the Civil War. A recent poll shows that, amazingly, one-third of Mississippians would support the Confederacy in a new war if one were to occur. It’s been 160 years since the Confederacy went out with a whimper and the question of secession was settled, yet a large number of Southerners are still longing for a rematch so that they can secede and establish the racist nation they have always wanted. I’m sure the African-American population, which makes up 37 percent of Mississippi, would totally be open to reviving a system of government that fought to keep them in the chains of slavery.

As far as proclaiming itself a Christian state, Mississippi is just getting in line alongside other red states. North Carolina Republicans pushed a bill last year in an attempt to defy the Constitution and establish an official state religion. Needless to say, it died.

If Mississippi voters allow this measure to pass, the state would become the front-runner in the race to become the most batsh*t crazy conservative state in the nation. It seriously sounds like Mississippi needs to increase the number of signatures required to get initiatives on the ballot so that the state doesn’t have to put up with embarrassing proposals such as this one.