Kindergarten Teacher Quits Job To Twerk On Vine.This Is Not A Happy Ending.

What kind of society pays a woman more to shake her rear end for six seconds than educate a class full of children for months? Answer: Ours.

Jessica Vanessa quit her assistant teaching job at a Florida kindergarten to twerk on Vine — and found the country remunerates its arse-jigglers considerably more generously than its educators.

Florida pays its kindergarten teaching assistants just $20,000 a year.  Yet with more than two million followers on the video-sharing site, she now pulls in six figures a year through advertising revenues.

“What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant,” she told Barcroft TV.

So she went from this…


Image via Daily Mail UK

To this…

So she found a means of climbing her way from a poverty wage to some serious income – that’s going to be transformational for her personal circumstances. But doesn’t the reality of this not creep you out?

I have zero problem with a woman shaking her booty about, but I do have a problem with the increasing gap between social value and dollar value in our society.

Seriously America, a woman is worth more to us bouncing her butt-cheeks than developing the minds of our children?

There is also the matter of cultural appropriation here – while sections of white celebrity culture yell ‘Twerking in IN! It’s the latest CRAZE!” like they invented it, black people have been dancing this way for decades and centuries.  Like so much before it, from Jazz to corn rows…another piece of culture has been commodified so white people can make money from it.

It calls to mind Spike Lee’s awesome rant about the gentrification of Brooklyn, where wealthy and largely white groups have bought up parks, residential and commercial space – and exodused the poor and largely non-white communities by hiking rents and house prices beyond their grasp.  He called it Christopher Columbus Syndrome:

“Then comes the motherf*ckin’ Christopher Columbus Syndrome. You can’t discover this! We been here. You just can’t come and bogart.”

The whole thing just underscores the crazy way women (and non-whites) are treated in our society.

The increasingly puritanical nature of American schooling and society tells a girl from the get-go to see her sexuality as a threat; to withhold it, to preserve it, to devote it to just one man (Lesbians? What Lesbians?) and she can consider herself virtuous  But when it comes to reality – society pays women more to sell that sexuality, than it does to trade pretty much any other skill, talent, or idea they might have.  Both of these attitudes are harmful on their own – but fuse them together in this bizarre Madonna-Whore Complex so prevalent today and you get…well, you get kindergarten teachers quitting to twerk on Vine.