Open Carry Texas Leader Does ‘Daily Show,’ Assures Members He Didn’t Say Anything Too ‘Extremist’

The president of notorious gun rights group, Open Carry Texas, told his members that he had recently filmed an interview with The Daily Show and swears he didn’t say anything too crazy. This ought to be good.

If you’ve ever watched a brutal Daily Show segment and marveled that the subject of the interview ever agreed to go on the show and look so stupid, you aren’t alone. After all, the show is known for its “keep them talking and let them slowly hang themselves” interview style that has led to more than one person losing his or her job after it airs. In fact, just last month the show “ambushed” a group of Washington Redskins apologists by confronting them with real native Americans; an interview so painfully awkward that several of the interviewees have since threatened a lawsuit — essentially, for making them look really, really dumb.

Given that pedigree, it would be understandable if people would be reluctant to agree to sit under the glare of Jon Stewart’s cameras. And yet, like the old P.T. Barnum saying suggests, a sucker is born every minute and apparently all of them want to appear on The Daily Show.

Enter OCT president CJ Grisham, who took to his group’s Facebook page to proudly announce that he had just finished talking with Daily Show‘s Jason Jones about the group’s mission to be allowed to walk around anywhere and everywhere with assault rifles slung over their shoulders. He even posted a picture of the shoot to prove it (complete with Grisham standing on box for the benefit of the camera).


Image via Facebook

Grisham said that he wasn’t sure when the segment would air but was told by producers that it would probably be on the week of October 17th (so mark your calendars).

He was also supremely confident that his group would come across as reasonable and intelligent, because Grisham had the good sense to stay away from saying the craziest stuff he believes:

It was a good interview. It will show we are human and can have a sense of humor. I stayed away from extremist comments. My winning line was, “being armed while eating a piece of pizza gives me a peace of mind I won’t be a victim.”

Somebody might want to tell him that his winning line — that he wants to be able to cradle a rifle while he eats a slice of pizza — might not achieve the goal of validating his movement’s cause.

Obviously, his members, were skeptical about the idea of appearing on The Daily Show. Most believed that the show would inevitably edit the interview in a way that would make Grisham and Open Carry Texas look bad.

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But Grisham was supremely confident. He defended the interview by saying that “we can handle it. Doesn’t matter what they say or how they twist it. Our mission remains unchanged. We also have the interview recorded in its entirety just in case.”

Despite that confidence, Open Carry Texas appears to be losing the public image battle. While they still appear baffled by it, the rest of the country has shown that it wants nothing to do with the group’s insane vision of gun fetishism. Recently, the group was instrumental in organizing widely-publicized, widely-panned demonstrations where its members and allies would walk into shopping centers or restaurants packing as much heat as they could muster in order to “exercise their 2nd Amendment rights” to be obnoxious and dangerous.

The backlash from people who weren’t keen to sit down to eat next to a person wielding a gun designed for warfare was immediate and intense. Restaurants and stores initially dithered, unable to choose between the safety of their customers and the condemnation of a small group of vocal gun nuts vowing to boycott their businesses if they didn’t have their way, but eventually almost every one of them politely asked their patrons to keep their guns off their property.

Far from being a glorious publicity stunt for Open Carry laws, the sit-ins were a disaster. The embarrassment was so great, that even the National Rifle Association — a group not known for its moderation on gun rights — told the group to knock it off because they were coming across as lunatics.

With that kind of legacy, it seems a near-certainty that Open Carry Texas will be scorched on The Daily Show. Unfortunately for them, it’s also likely that it won’t be a result of clever editing or “gotcha” questions, but simply getting Grisham to open his mouth and hitting “record.” America will get to find out sometime in the coming weeks.

h/t Liberaland