Pastor-Father From 7th Heaven, Stephen Collins, Confesses To Child Molestation (AUDIO)

Remember when you watched the show 7th Heaven and thought how totally corny and unrealistic it was? Well, now that we know that the show’s former pastor dad is a real life pedophile who gets off on exposing himself to little girls, it seems that the series may have been more “true to life” than we originally thought.

Faye Grant, the estranged wife of actor Stephen Collins, recently exposed her child molesting soon to be ex-spouse, by publicly releasing an audio recording of Collins confessing to sexually molesting and exposing himself to multiple young girls, ages 10 – 13.

Image by Greg Hernandez, via Wikimedia Commons, under this license:

Image by Greg Hernandez, via Wikimedia Commons

It appears that the audio was recorded shortly after one of the unnamed victims contacted Grant, making her aware that her husband had molested her when she ten years old. According to TMZ the victim also filed a police report in 2012.

Grant and Collins attended a therapy session, presumably to try to save their marriage, following the shocking revelation. On the advice of legal counsel, she recorded Collins’ confession. Listening to the taped confession, it seems clear why the marriage ended in 2012, although the long, drawn out divorce battle has yet to be settled in the courts.

Collins admits to molesting one of the victims multiple times, and claims there were others, whose names he cannot remember.

According to TMZ, the taped confession has been handed over to the New York Police Department, and an investigation is now underway. Collins was reportedly interviewed by two detectives from the NYPD special victim’s unit last week.

Here is Collins taped confession, via TMZ:

According to the New York Daily News, this is not the first time Collins has been investigated by authorities for sexual abuse allegations. Collins was the subject of an investigation several years ago, but the statute of limitations had expired in that case.

Since this confession took place in a therapist’s office, it seems that the therapist should have bound to disclose this information to authorities, because it involves the commission of felony crimes against children. All states require professionals, such as doctors, teachers and mental health professionals, to report child abuse to the authorities. However, if the therapist had no reason to suspect the crimes were still occurring, he may have been legally able to escape reporting requirements in Collins case.