The FBI Invents A Felony Crime To Catch A Corrupt Judge

The FBI wanted to drop a net on Judge Joseph Waters, Jr., a Philadelphia municipal judge, but they couldn’t prove he was corrupt.

In order to catch him in the act, they invented a whole scenario that lead to the judge’s guilty plea to federal mail and wire fraud charge. They invented a defendant named Khoury, staged an arrest, and manufactured court appearances.

Oh, but it gets deeper. The FBI forged “Khoury” into a criminal out of thin air and gave him the phony name of “David Khoury.” Then they molded him into a 40-year-old and gave him an unlicensed Glock .40 caliber pistol. They told him he was from Louisville, Ky. and handed him a bogus Social Security number supposedly issued in Texas in 1988. Then, they gave him a black SUV complete with Virginia plates.

A police officer (maybe real/maybe fake) named John Snyder pulled “Khoury” over for driving erratically. I guess they forgot to give Khoury an address, because he didn’t know it. And they flat-out forgot to give him a phone.

Officer Snyder charged him with “carrying a firearm without a license, which is a felony.”

The fake police report on Khoury’s arrest stated the arresting officer, Snyder, saw Khoury driving erratically in May of 2012 on a busy section of Torresdale Avenue in Philadelphia. Snyder may have been in on the sting. Or not. He declined to comment on that. Officer Snyder did testify at a hearing,

When I approached the window, I asked him for his information. And I noticed a black handgun on the floor mat area. I asked if he had a license to carry. He said ‘no.’

They can do that? Oh yeah. And more. They whipped up an unnamed campaign donor who wanted a little favor. Judge Waters’ eyes saw dollar signs. The invisible donor had a business associate, who had a cousin who was in a little trouble. And that cousin’s name just happened to be bad boy “Khoury.”

So Waters called a fellow judge (real), who unbeknownst to himself had the (fake) Khoury case. True to his own warped personality, the real Judge Waters lied about the fake Khoury, turning him into his own friend — even though they had never come close to meeting one another, especially since Khoury didn’t really exist. And could this (judge who had Khoury’s case do the Judge Waters a little favor?

The judge hearing Khoury’s case agreed to do Judge Waters that favor. He first reduced Khoury’s charges to a misdemeanor. And when the fake Khoury failed to appear for trial and since the court staff had no address on file, all charges were dropped.

The prosecutors and defense attorneys who worked on Khoury’s case were real and not in on the FBI charade. They barely recalled Khoury.

Judge Waters‘ own real attorney, Michael Engle, said,

As I understand it, none of it was real. This whole sting was orchestrated.

Khoury faded into nothingness until all that is left of him is a lone manila court case file on an office shelf buried somewhere deep inside of the Philadelphia courts building.

And on that file is a “single green sticky note that reads,”

“Withdrawn – FBI.”