8 Wingnut Myths About The President’s Daughters Shot Down

Do You Think Obama's Girls Could Be Adopted? Photo Credit: White House (Pete Souza) / Maison Blanche (Pete Souza) The Official White House Photostream

Photo Credit: White House (Pete Souza) / Maison Blanche (Pete Souza) The Official White House Photostream

So the wingnuts think the President’s daughters are from Morocco? Are you kidding me? Just look at the Obama girls’ faces! Malia, who is 16, looks just like her dad. And the younger sister, Sacha, is 13 and a walking Xerox copy of her maternal grandmother who is in many of the family photos.

1. QUESTION: I got an email this morning asking why there aren’t baby pictures of Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha. Doesn’t that prove they are adopted?

ANSWER: Dr. Anita Blanchard, friend of the Obamas, delivered both girls at the University of Chicago Medical Center. It was in The New York Times which is fairly reliable. Malia Ann, born on July 4, 1998, and Natasha (nicknamed Sasha) was born on June 10, 2001. Oh, and remember when your mother pulled out your baby pictures and started embarrassing you? I would say the Obamas are trying to protect their daughters.

2. QUESTION: I can’t find either of the Obama daughters Social Security numbers.

ANSWER: And I hope you can’t find mine either! It seems reasonable that the Obamas would want to keep their daughters’ Social Security out of the hands of the world.

3. QUESTION: When I went on the website Ancestry.com, and searched for birth records of Malia Obama and Natasha Obama, I couldn’t find any record of them. I paid $9.95 for a trial membership in GenealogyBank.com so that I can search that website for the Obama girls’ birth records.

ANSWER: My grandfather is not on either site, but I can guarantee that he was born. Otherwise I wouldn’t exist. I’d ask for my $9.95 back.

4. QUESTION: Some Americans feel that the two girls have very little resemblance to their parents.

ANSWER: Excuse me? Malia is a walking duplicate of her father. And Sacha looks exactly like Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Shields Robinson. Grandma Robinson lives with her grandchildren in the White House.

5. QUESTION: In an email a physician wrote, “One of my supporters claimed that she worked in the U.S. embassy in Morocco when Sasha (Natasha) Obama was adopted from Morocco,” but he is still trying to confirm this claim.

ANSWER: Okay… You just keep on trying to confirm it.

6. QUESTION: And no one has ever claimed to see a picture of the First Lady pregnant.

ANSWER: I don’t know about you, but being pregnant felt like a nine-month get-fat experience. Sure, now the stars show up with their baby bumps. But that has not always been the fashion. A lot of us discretely managed to lose all those photos.

7. QUESTION: I looked in the obituaries for “Malia Obama.” What came up is “First Dog Breed Energetic Non-Shedding.”

ANSWER: Well that is gruesome, looking in the obituaries for a First Daughter. And the girls look pretty alive to me.

8. QUESTION: I found a pic of young Malia and Sasha. But I want to know whose hairy arm is that behind the girls?

ANSWER: We can rule out Michelle Obama, because I have seen her arms in her sleeveless dresses. I never noticed whether or not the President’s arms are hairy or not. You might want to look at your photo again and see if that is a “hairy arm” or Sasha’s baby curls outlined against someone’s arm.

Get another myth. This one is tired.