Alabama Falls To Dictator Obama, Sharia Law, Muslim Religion If Dem Sheriff Wins 

How Many People Do You Think Believe Obama Will Become Dictator Obama? Photo Credit: sheriff car by LilDash Photography / Still Life / Other

Photo Credit: sheriff car by LilDash
Photography / Still Life / Other

Call him Dictator Obama. Any day now, President Obama will seize full power of the United States, designate himself Dictator Obama, and suspend the 2016 elections. Then the new dictator will force us to all become Muslims and make us live under Sharia Law. Finally he will confiscate all guns, end FOX News and open the U.S. Treasury to all the lazy unemployed people.

An uncomfortable percent of our country actually believe this bizarre scenario. Betty Mason, Republican donor and wife of a longtime leader of Alabama’s Republican Party, is trying to save all the people in her DeKalb County, a rural county in northeast Alabama.

So as the people prepare to elect the next sheriff, they read this,

Obama is determined to be a dictator with the executive orders he signs. He has left the US Constitution in shreds. If Obama decides to run again (against US law) or declares a National Emergency to suspend elections in 2016, what will our Democrat sheriff do? I am concerned he will go along with this lawless president.

She asked a “tough” question  in a letter  she sent to the voters.

Mason was not available for comment, but her husband, Frank Mason, said that they had worked for Rex Leath (R) organizing an event for him, referenced at the bottom of his wife’s letter. He says,

Based on what (Obama) has done, I don’t know what he might do. I just don’t really know.

Sheriff Jimmy Harris (D) currently runs the county. But Mrs. Mason intends to change that. She wants voters to choose challenger Rex Leath (R) instead, a man with the cojones to stand up to the dictator. Leath is assistant police chief of Collinsville. According to Mother Jones, Leath shares Mason’s view of the president and his future:

Leath has pledged to defend our citizens even against a lawless President. Oh, I sure do (support Mason’s view). I would hope every American in the country would…I don’t really know what he is capable of doing at this point. If martial law is declared by the president, he can’t be removed from office.

The Republican contender wasn’t aware that Mason was writing to voters, but he appreciates it,

 It was a very sweet letter. Very well written.

One local tweeted a copy of Mason’s letter.


But Sheriff Harris has done pretty well for the county so far.

Reports that we now have a SRO (School Resource Officer) in every High and Junior High School except Moon Lake School, and we have interviewed for that position and are awaiting the commissioner’s approval at this time.

Earlier this month one of those SRO’s caught a 16-year-old kid trying to smoke spice. When he had a medical reaction to it, the SRO arranged to transport him to a medical center. The kids and his accomplice-in-spice (age 15) fell under the purview of the Drug Task Force. The investigation is ongoing.

Then there was the $50,000 marijuana bust:

Agents uprooted two large indoor marijuana grow operations last weekend, according to a report from the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Jimmy Harris said,

Officers were attempting to serve arrest warrants to an individual who ran into a residence where agents found 45 marijuana plants, three pounds of high strength buds and grow equipment.

I guess we will find out how many people in DeKalb county believe in a Dictator Obama after the sheriff’s election is called.