See If Sarah Palin Ever Eats At KS Pancake Fundraiser. She And Cranky McCain Try To Save Senate

Will Sarah Palin Campaigning Help Sen. Pat Roberts? Photo Credit: Shemp Howard, Jr. at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by User:Kelly using Common

Will Sarah Palin Campaigning Help Sen. Pat Roberts?
Photo Credit: Shemp Howard, Jr. at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by User:Kelly using Common

We feel pretty, oh so pretty. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) and Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) are all coming to the dance in my home state, Kansas. As you can well imagine, Kansas doesn’t get a lot of attention from the popular kids. But with the perpetual Pat Roberts’ (R) senate seat in danger, the in-crowd has time for us.

So what happened? Roberts has always been our senator, at least in living memory. The problem is that Roberts took us for granted. And just as in any relationship, taking your partner(s) for granted sounds the death bell.

Oh, Roberts tells us that he lives with us. But those are just words. Visiting seven times a year and owning a rental home in Dodge City doesn’t constitute “living together.” No, he abandoned us for the bright lights and power mongers of Washington, D.C. Roberts has grown out of touch with our concerns. And we don’t like that.

Kansans are very unhappy with anyone in the beltway, including the do-nothing Congress. So that guy from Olathe, Kan. is looking pretty good. Greg Orman, an independent, is younger, quicker on his feet during debates and has more hair – although personally I like the bald look, too. He is a successful businessman, a problem-solver, and he wants to hold Washington’s feet to the fire. Did I mention how much Kansans like our independents?

The situation is that Republicans have to pick up six seats if they want to control the Senate – and they do! But they never even considered that Robert’s seat would be in jeopardy, because Republicans have owned both of the Kansas senate seats since 1938. But we’re thinking all that longevity without productivity is boring.

After the first debates and plunging polls, the hot Republican guns decided that they better make sure Roberts wins. Oh yeah, now that we are interested in another man, Roberts is paying attention to us.

You can see the desperation in the old guy’s face. He canned his forever campaign manager aka Leroy Towns either because Towns’ name is too corny or because he said Roberts was going “back home for two days or three to rest.”

The GOP sent for the big guy, Corry Bliss, who just got off of managing Karen Handel for the Georgia senate campaign. And the Republicans called in Chris LaCivita, a consultant, to shore up Roberts’ sinking campaign.

Oh yeah the really really big guys, Charles and David Koch, started airing some slick anti-Orman ads. And yes they are both from Kansas, but we don’t like to talk about it.

The 2014 race changed when the Democrat basically ran out of money and chose to withdraw from the three-way campaign, leaving independent Greg Orman to face Roberts man-to-man.

Chris Kobach, infamous anti-immigration law attorney and our secretary of state, told Chad Taylor (D) that he had to leave his name on the ballot even if he pulled out of the race. Kobach argued: Because Kobach said it was so, it was. The Kansas Supreme Court ruled that Taylor could remove his name from the ballot.

According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling Orman is leading Roberts 41 percent to 34 percent. That is significant. And only 29 percent of Kansans approve of our old incumbant’s job performance. But 46 percent disapprove of him. Orman’s numbers are nearly reversed, 42 percent of Kansas  are uncertain how they feel about him and 19 percent disapprove of him.

Political science professor at Fort Hays State University Chapman Rackaway has an opinion of why that is so:

Roberts has the fight of his life on his hands. And if you were going to cast a vote right now, you’d be talking about Kansas sending, I believe, our first independent to Congress. This is huge.

And Jim Jonas, Orman’s campaign manager stated that,

Voters from across the political spectrum have responded to Independent Greg Orman because he is a successful businessman who wants to solve problems and hold Washington accountable.

So it’s Palin (50) for a Roberts’ pancake breakfast in Independence, Kan.  Then Arizona’s very own Sen. John McCain (78), the 2008 presidential nominee, will hang with Roberts Wednesday. On Monday Jeb Bush (61) is flying in to the state for an extremely expensive lunch. And Kansas’ own former presidential candidate and Sen. Bob Dole (91) gave Roberts two appearances. Some people are calling it the “Old Guys” team. I guess they forgot about Palin.

Cranky McCain is already lobbing softballs at Robert’s opponent, Orman-The-Independent,

 He’s a Democrat. He walks like a duck, and he quacks like a duck, and he is a duck.

I don’t think Orman walks like a duck. That was just rude, Cranky. We are asking, “What has Roberts done for me or my family or my friends?” But Roberts is talking ancient history. Maybe it’s time to give Orman, the new guy, a try.

Jones summed it all up very nicely,

Senator Roberts bringing a bunch of his politician friends to Kansas isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. They want an independent voice in the Senate.

If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.