Priest On Fox News Demands Government Shut Down Of Satanic Masses, Cites ‘Free Speech’ (VIDEO)

Fox News contributor and Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris tries to use free speech to restrict the speech of a Satanic black mass organizer. Image Credit: The Raw Story

Fox News contributor and Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris tries to use free speech to restrict the speech of a Satanic black mass organizer.
Image Credit: The Raw Story

Once again, the folks over at Fox News demonstrate their poor understanding of the First Amendment and how it works. Fox News contributor and Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris said on a segment called The Fight for Faith on Sunday that officials in Oklahoma City needed to put a stop to a Satanic black mass, claiming that the event is “inciting violence” by mocking Christians, The Raw Story reports.

Of course, due to the many misguided opinions floating around traditional religious sects regarding Satanism and its supposed mockery of Christianity, the organizer of the black mass, Adam Daniels, had already addressed concerns that the purpose of the event was mockery. Daniels said:

This is not a game. It’s very serious to us.

This is where the disconnect is, I believe. Many members of mainstream religions cannot fathom that any religion but their own could possibly be valid or serious. On the segment, Father Morris said he felt bad for those who will be attending the black mass:

You get yourself into something that is, first of all, satanic, that is supernatural. They believe that as soon as you connect yourself with evil, evil stuff happens. I feel very bad for them.

What you do not understand, Father, is that just because you believe another group’s religion is “evil” doesn’t mean that it actually is. That is your opinion, which you are entitled to, but it does not make it fact.

At least Father Morris acknowledged the Satanists’ “political right” to hold their event at the Oklahoma City Civic Center, but he also called for its cancellation because the city has a “responsibility to defend the good governance of its people.”

Well, what I took this to mean is that it is only good governance if it is a religion that the Father approves of, all others and their various faiths and beliefs be damned. That doesn’t sound like good governance to me. It sounds like a constitutional violation. Father Morris went on to say:

Anybody who walks into a crowded theater and yells ‘Fire!’Do they have a right to do it? Yes. Free speech? No! Why? Because you’re inciting violence.

This is where the good Father lost me. No, sir, you do not have the right to walk into a crowded theater and yell ‘fire’ if there is no fire. You’d likely be arrested for it, and rightly so. That isn’t free speech at all.

Father Morris continued:

When you have a group that does this, not just because they want to do their own little worship, but they are provoking anger and hatred among the community, the city can step in and say, ‘That’s not worship, that’s not free speech, that’s mockery, and you’re inciting violence!

I have no idea how another religious group legally renting a space to hold a religious event, likely just like any mainstream religion could do without issue, has to do with yelling fire in a crowded theater and inciting violence. You’re way off base here, sir. You don’t get to choose which religions get to freely practice and try to come up with some trumped up legal reason that their speech and religious practice should be restricted.

In conclusion, the Father said:

But what if I want to go and desecrate a Koran out in front of my church? What if I want to speak pro-Nazi stuff right in front of my church and get people all fired up on a public sidewalk? I think at some point government has to step in the name of free speech.

You are free to do all of those things, Father Morris. People are free to criticize you for it, but you are free to do those things just the same. Further, I find it sadly ironic that you are using the free speech argument to make a case for restricting the speech and religious practices of people you don’t like. In fact, I think it means that you do not understand what free speech is at all.

Watch the segment below: