Innocent Residents Defend Themselves Against Mistaken SWAT Team Raids: Black Victim Faces Death Penalty, Charges Dismissed In White Victim Case (IMAGES)

Should No-Knock Raids End? Photo Credit:

Should No-Knock Raids End?
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It was dark in Killeen, Texas at 5:30 a.m this summer, and armed men were climbing through his windows, breaking into his home. So the man reached for his weapon to protect his wife and himself. During the shootout one of all those bullets hit and killed Detective Dinwiddie. Another bullet wounded a second member of the SWAT team. Body armor protected the other two men who were hit.

Self-defense, right? Not exactly. Marvin Louis Guy was the victim of a no-knock raid. The SWAT team was on the hunt for drugs. Yet they didn’t find anything proving drug dealing.

No drugs were found in Guy’s apartment upon execution of the warrant.

The intruders did not identify themselves as police before bullets started flying. It seems the police received a false informant tip that Guy was dealing drugs from his home. Oops.

According to their press release,

The TRU was beginning to breach the window when the 49-year-old male inside opened fire striking four officers.

But prosecutors are going for the death penalty. They are charging Guy with capital murder for the death of Dinwiddie, plus three counts of attempted capital murder when he shot at the other police, injuring one of them.

Governor Rick Perry awarded downed officer Dinwiddie’s family with the Star of Texas. The governor awards “police and first responders killed or injured in the line of duty,” reported the Killeen Daily Herald.

Now let’s play back a different incident from last December. Another no-knock team raided Henry Goedrich Magee’s Somerville mobile home in the dark of early morning. Magee, just like Guy, feared robbers breaking into his home. So he opened fire to protect his pregnant girlfriend and himself.

Magee shot and killed the officer who led the team, Burleson County Sgt. Adam Sowders. The team was looking for marijuana.

A Texas grand jury refused to indict, based on them believing he feared for his safety and that this was a reasonable act of self-defense.

All charges were dropped.

Wait a minute! How can prosecutors charge one man for capital murder and drop the charges on virtually identical cases? And look at the two very different photos. Could they make the black guy look more like a criminal? 


 Photo Of Marvin Louis Gay Used In Media

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And could the media have used a cuter photo of Magee?

Here Is How White Man Depicted In Press Photo Credit:

Photo Of Henry Goedrich Magee Depicted In Press
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But what if the media had used this photo of Magee?

More Equitable Photo Of Magee. Photo Credit: Booking photo released by the Burlesson County Sheriff’s Office

More Equitable Photo Of Magee.
Photo Credit: Booking photo released by the Burleson County Sheriff’s Office

The answer is simple and so wrong. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty on the black man, Guy. They dropped the charges for the white guy, Magee.

And what about these crazy no-knock raids. Don’t they seem like a bad idea? Couldn’t police just knock on the front door and cover the back one? Do they have to come in the dark? And do they have to break into people’s homes? A little common sense, folks.

What if a child got caught in the cross-fire or protective pets? And that doesn’t even cover the unnecessary danger to the arresting officers.

There were only a few hundred SWAT teams launched across the country in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s they launched a few thousand. And in 2010 the Washington Times reported estimates being as high as 50,000 per year.

And most mind-boggling of all,

Many of these are for nonviolent misdemeanor drug offenses, not big time drug kingpins.

Isn’t it time to end the swoop and SWAT events? Yes! Is marijuana really so awful that it is worth police officers’ lives? No! Isn’t there a better way? Absolutely.

Let’s get smart here. There is no need to risk the lives of the police and the community members.