U.S. Going Under For 3rd Time, Chomsky Holding The Life Jacket (PART 1)

What Do You Fear?  Photo Credit: originally posted to Flickr as P3200204 Duncan Rawlinson

What Do You Fear?
Photo Credit: originally posted to Flickr as P3200204
Duncan Rawlinson

We have a shadow army called JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) run out of the Oval Office. Noam Chomsky is a truth-teller, and he tells of some truths in an interview with Free Speech Radio News’s Catherine Komp,

“It’s dangerous, but it’s the kind of thing an investigative reporter could do, and he’s done it. There’s more of it now, fortunately, in some respects, than there was then.

 “U.S. bombing has turned them into people who hate America and want revenge—that’s all it takes. And, in fact, this whole terror system is creating enemies and threats faster than it’s killing suspects, apart from how awful that is.”

I have to admit I would marry Noam Chomsky if he weren’t already married. I have a list of five people who fit that bill, and he is near the top of it. So I listen to him when he uncovers the root of our problem: media control, fear, indoctrination and the importance of our solidarity. 

I don’t know who collects the world’s votes says that Chomsky is the “world’s top public intellectual” – in 2005, but he earned it. He is a,

“Relentless advocate for community-centered approaches to democracy and freedom.”

Media Control

There are two kinds of media: commercial and independentThe commercial press talks to the 1/10 of one percent of the richest people in the country. And what are they interested in hearing? They are the “established power,” and they want to know what is going inside the Beltway. You know, the government.

Of course there are Democrats and Republicans. But “elections are bought.” We should forget about Democrat against Republican. Instead, I believe, the real war is between international corporations owned by who knows and us. As long as the commercial press reports honestly, accurately and in a balanced manner, that’s objectivity to their viewers.

What that miniscule, most powerful group of people cares about is The Deficit. So that is what commercial Media talks about. And what these 1/10 of one Percenters want, they get. Period.

Ever wondered why these huge banks, the one who started The Great Recession, never got into trouble? Ever wondered how they got away with their multitude of crimes and came out on the other side “scot-free, but richer, more powerful and bigger than ever?”

These banks belong to the extreme rich.

And what does the Independent Media do? It tells the truth about “things that matter.” It knows that the public cares about jobs. Jobs are good. They stimulate demand. But that isn’t happening to a workable degree.

So the U.S. government needs to stimulate demand, just as President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the WPA (Works Progress Administration). The WPA put people back to work rebuilding, fortifying and creating our infrastructure, among others. That is how we got lovely old fountains, bridges and other structures built to last by people who cared about their workmanship.

But since the extreme rich do not care about our jobs, government does not create any demand. The giant international corporations are lounging in tubs of money that they do not share with their employees. And without a middle class to stimulate demand, they just keep on adding money to their polluted pool. And we listen to the commercial media talk about the stock market and about the ever-dull deficit. “Even if it destroys jobs.”

Chomsky says that 70 percent of us are “disenfranchised.” For years no one cared about our opinions. The senators and representatives sit in their elevated houses and ignore us. They believe we do not care about their politics or if we do, we are too dumb to understand the way their machine operates. But they are wrong.

Take for example long-time Kansas senator Pat Roberts. He took his reelection for granted. But we noticed a few little things, such as he doesn’t live in Kansas and hasn’t for quite some time. One rental house and seven visits do not count. And when the extreme rich got too greedy and squeezed us too tightly, we said “Enough!”

The Democrat and the Independent running against Roberts got together, figured out which of them had the best chance of winning and put that man against the near-permanent senator. Greg Orman from Stanley, Kans. won out. And some polls have him winning against Roberts. Orman grew up working in his father’s furniture store. Kansans have given him a good chance of winning.

So the independent and the commercial press should be viewing the world from our eyes, from what we see on a daily basis. And we would fare better if we held them to it.

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