“Is Being Gay A Choice?” Gay Response Brings Straight Guy To Tears (VIDEO)

Can you watch this video without coming to tears? I couldn’t. Neither could this straight YouTube vlogger SupDaily06.

The popular vlogger asked a simple question:

If you could choose to be gay or straight, which would you choose?

The responses leaned toward straight, because life is so very difficult when a person is gay. The vlogger read the responses in this video. And he wept.

Here is vlogger SupDaily06’s amazing video:

Daniel Ashley Pierce’s family members are what I call “transparent” Christians, a religion built upon a foundation of hate, fear and judgmental behavior. When this gay Georgia teenager came out to his transparent Christian parents, they went ballistic.

First his step-mother says,

I knew you were gay ever since you were little.

The teen feels relieved at first, but then his step-mother begins screaming at him that he made a choice to be gay. Her religion has no logic – only the emotions. She hates her son, fears what her church friends would say about her son. And judges him to be unlovable by God.

He tries to explain that it was not a choice. But the woman would have none of it. As the grandmother cheers her on, she screams. She yells. She hits him. She attacks him. And worst of all, she kicked him out of his home.

Yet Pierce’s “delayed intervention” with his transparent Christian parents and grandparents was all caught on video. They said “God creates nobody that way.”

Pierce wrote about his experience on Facebook,

What a day….i thought that waking up at 9:48 and being 15 mins late to work was going to be the biggest problem today. but i didn’t know that my biggest problem was going to be getting disowned and kicked out of my home of almost twenty years. to add insult to injury my step mother punched me in the face repeatedly with my grandmother cheering her along. i am still in complete shock and disbelief [all sic].

The homeless teen’s video went viral, and he received an outpouring of donations, “more than $90,000 in donations via a GoFundMe campaign for living expenses.”

Lost-n-Found, an Atlanta nonprofit working with young people, reports in a press release,

There are only about 48 hours from the time a kid becomes homeless before 33 percent of youth begin to engage in risky behaviors as theft, drug activity or selling their bodies for money to survive.

Huffington Post reports how Pierce saw his life,

“This has been a rough time for me and I never imagined that so many people would show such overwhelming compassion and generosity…Right now, I’m safe and definitely feel your love all around me. Thank you!”

And so the vlogger wept. Maybe we should all weep at the pain so many feel.