Terrorists Are Attacking Houston…Or Are They? 4 Reasons Why not (IMAGES)

Is This Guy A Real Terrorist Or Just Celebrating Halloween Early?

Is This Guy A Real Terrorist Or Just Celebrating Halloween Early? Photo Credit: Madworldnews.com

The suspected terrorist wore body armor marked with the ISIS logo embroidered on it. And Houston police officers arrested the man. But is the new prisoner really a member ISIS aka ISIL? Looks okay. Sounds okay. But is it?

These images are of a so-called “terrorist,”

“Appearing to wear the same ISIS garb and shoes, at a Jason’s Deli in Houston, possibly the location [of] images [is] within walking distance of Masjid El-Farouq.”

So why isn’t the media on it like bees on honey? And why aren’t the Houston police responding to requests for comments? The photos are all over Reddit and Facebook.

The photographer is Mike Kasper who emailed friends after taking the photo,

“You don’t believe they’re here? Look who was just found at Jason’s Deli in (sic) at West 34th and 290 in Houston. That’s the black standard ISIS emblem on his shoulder. Share the hell outta this. — Mike.”

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I mean the photos have been around since the 5th of September this year. So it isn’t as if there hasn’t been time to cover it. The story wouldn’t have been too boring. So what’s the deal?

  1. Well for one, the photo showed up on “disreputable web sites along with claims” that he was a “suspected terrorist.”
  2. Second why is a lone terrorist hanging out at a deli with a big ‘X’ marks the ISIL spot on his uniform? It wasn’t as he was hiding or undercover or disguised. Maybe he has watched enough American media to think this is how the bad guys operate. If so he must have watched Jerry Seinfeld and Kramer.
  3. And then there he is posing and posturing with the Houston police for the camera. Okay something’s wrong here. Are terrorists supposed to do that? I thought they were scarier…you know, carried humongous knives and snarling at the camera.
  4. Finally the media would so not miss this story if it was anywhere near truthful. After all this would be a big, really big story. So if this is not a real news story, what is it?
"Terrorist" At The Deli Photo Credit: Pinterest

“Terrorist” At The Deli
Photo Credit: Pinterest

It could be someone punking the police. It might be some sort of homeland terrorist training. The terrorist might have stripped off his terrorist clothes and sung a lewd song to an embarrassed birthday boy or girl.

"Terrorist" With Police. Photo Credit: Pinterest

“Terrorist” With Police.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

And there is no evidence  to tie it to an actual arrest by the police. The FBI said that,

“They know about this story, but they were not aware of any arrests being made and were also unaware of any specific credible threats within the Houston territory.”

After they interrogated the photographer, the FBI went “dark on him.” Won’t return his emails. Won’t return his phone calls.

Perhaps the guy behind the camera is sounding more off kilter than the guy he photographed. Maybe the FBI is watching him?