Police Mercilessly Punch Defenseless Man In The Head As Walmart Shoppers Watch In Horror (VIDEO)

Police severely beat a defenseless man in a South Carolina Walmart. (Screen capture via Raw Story)

Police severely beat a defenseless man in a South Carolina Walmart. (Screen capture via Raw Story)

Walmart shoppers in South Carolina were left traumatized on Saturday after local police in Greenville beat the hell out of a defenseless man in front of them. And the whole thing was caught on camera.

Police were called to the store at 1:00pm to respond to concerns about an allegedly intoxicated man standing outside the front doors. After officers arrived on the scene, the man told them “I’m 911” and went inside the store. An officers used a taser to take the unknown man down. But police didn’t stop there. They decided to demonstrate what police brutality looks like as shoppers watched.

One officer mercilessly kept punching the man in the head while he was lying on the floor. Witnesses, who said police actions in Ferguson, Missouri have caused them to pay more attention to what police do, begged the officers to stop.

“Please don’t punch him like that. Please don’t. Don’t punch him no more,” one customer can be heard saying in the background of a cell phone video of the incident.

Another witness, David Chimera, told WSPA that police went too far and he also described how other customers reacted as officers beat the man.

“There were a lot of women in tears saying ‘hey, stop stop,’ he said. “There was no call for that, I don’t know why they (the police) did it.”

Here’s the video via Raw Story.


The video clearly shows that officers had the man on the ground in a position to arrest him. There was absolutely no reason for police to repeatedly bounce their fists off his skull to subdue him. After his arrest, he was taken to the hospital for evaluation by doctors, and police say they are reviewing footage of the incident in their investigation. Of course, the one thing this man had to his advantage is that he’s white. If he had been an African-American man, police probably would have shot him to death. Because as it turns out, statistics show police shoot black people more in this country than whites. This incident is another example of police brutality but it’s also an example of how white police officers treat white citizens differently than they treat black citizens. Police brutality has become an epidemic in America. The question is, when will a police officer finally be held criminally responsible for their illegal behavior against fellow human beings?