Fox News Contributor Defends Cop Who Shot Michael Brown In The Head: ‘Bullets Go That Way’ (VIDEO)

Recently, Fox News contributor Bo Dietl defended the police officer responsible for the fatal shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown. Dietl dismissed the seriousness of Brown being shot in the head, simply by saying, “bullets go that way.”

Dietl’s comments were made during a ‘Fox and Friends’ segment focused on the subject of police militarization. The focus on police militarization comes after Sunday night’s events, when Ferguson police fired tear gas and shot rubber bullets into a crowd of protesters. In the process, several children were hit.

The invited experts, all Caucasian, consisted of Dietl, NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik and retired Nutley Police Commander Steven Rogers. According to Kerik:

“The response last night is what needs to happen.”  (source)

During the panel, horrific details from Michael Brown’s autopsy were revealed. Despite the fact that the unarmed teen had been unnecessarily shot a total of 6 times – two of which were in his head – Fox News host Steve Doocy claimed that the public was more worried about violence and looting than the racially charged shooting.

While Kerik and Rogers felt that the police had responded in Ferguson too aggressively, they still agreed with Dietl that the police should still have military equipment. Dietl justified the militarization of law enforcement by saying:

“They’re coming back, they’re coming back these extremist Muslims are coming back and they’re going to do something in the United States and you can’t fight them with pea shooters.” (source)

Another thing each of these panel “experts” agreed on was that Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson sharing his experiences as a black parent or apologizing for Brown’s death at an African American church was uncalled for. Kerik said:

“Apologize for what? The grand jury hasn’t concluded its investigation yet. You have to wait for the evidence. And Ron Johnson, any prosecutor, any cop knows that.” (source)

Dietl insisted that Johnson’s message to the black church was inappropriate “because America has no color.” He said:

“We have a thing called due process. What’s happening in Chicago? All our young black kids are being shot? Where is the outrage in Chicago? Where’s Jesse Jackson? Where’s Al Sharpton in Chicago? We got kids killed every day, black on black crime.

To do something like this before all information has been finalized is wrong. Just maybe, the cop was right. Maybe he was getting beat up. We don’t know what happened. Also, remember, [witnesses reported that] he got shot in the back. Now it comes up he was shot in the front.

When you’re in a shoot-out, and you’re firing away, and you stop, and you’re shooting the torso, you’re trying to stop somebody. I don’t know how he got hit in the head, but bullets go that way. He was trying to stop this guy obviously.” (source)

Rogers backed him up:

“Ron Johnson should be relieved of command for this. What he did was embolden the wrong people.” (source)