Trump Wants To Abandon U.S. Ebola Victims In Africa: They Must ‘Suffer The Consequences’


With a new international humanitarian crisis unfolding, the world gets another opportunity to glimpse Donald Trump fail to rise to the challenge of exhibiting even basic levels of human decency. Aren’t you glad he isn’t president?

This week somebody must have told Trump about the Ebola outbreak that has killed hundreds in western Africa, because he’s freaking out. He took to twitter to express his outrage at the idea that an American doctor who was stricken with the illness would be flown to the United States to receive treatment, erroneously believing that this would put the wider public in danger.

You see? If you’re a doctor or medical worker attempting to help the thousands afflicted in “far away places,” Trump wants you to know that if you get sick, he has no problem abandoning you. He doesn’t want you coming near him. In fact, the two American citizens who had been infected by the Ebola virus in West Africa pose almost no risk to America by receiving treatment here. In an article aptly titled “Why there’s no need to panic about the Ebola patient in the US,” Vox author Susannah Locke reassures readers that Ebola, while scary and destructive in the right conditions, doesn’t pose a significant problem for the United States:

“Even if there were some terrible, unforeseen accident with one of these patients, Ebola wouldn’t be likely to spread very far. First, Ebola doesn’t jump from person to person through the air, but through close contact by touching bodily fluids such as sweat, vomit, or blood. The outbreak in West Africa is so severe for a number of key reasons, including a lack of resources, inadequate infection-control measures, and mistrust of health workers. The United States, by contrast, has far better public-health infrastructure. And that makes all the difference.”

Never a man to let reasonableness get in the way of his lackthereof, Trump continued his message of apocolopytical doom and gloom on Twitter. Citing how dangerous this “plague” was, he encouraged the United States to go into a complete lockdown to avoid Ebola from entering the states.

And it wasn’t long before he turned that into a full-frontal assault on illegal immigration:

Of course, saying you want to abandon health workers if they get sick out of ignorance of how diseases actually spread wasn’t popular with many people and commenters quickly began pointing that out to Trump – often to hilarious effect.

But then this happened:

Donald Trump 2016.  I’m sure he’d go far on the “Abandons humanitarian aid workers to die if he thinks they are sick” platform.