Fact Checker Says They’ve ‘Lost Track’ Of How Many Times They’ve Debunked Climate Change Deniers

Louisiana congressional candidate Lenar Whitney is one of an all-too-common Republican variant these days — the willfully ignorant, basking in the brilliance of their own stupidity. A recent video of hers, where she confidently writes off mountains of peer-reviewed evidence as something a “10-year-old can debunk with a thermometer,” has been passed around the internet lately. It earned a “Pants-on-Fire” rating from PolitiFact, who goes on to say,

We’ve lost track of how many times we’ve fact-checked climate change denial claims and found them to be False or Pants on Fire. (See here, here and here.)

Is climate change a hoax? No. Is it even a “debate,” like the media usually portrays it? Once again, no. However, that doesn’t stop a quarter of the United States from refusing to acknowledge its existence. A key talking point for the Republican Party is climate denialism coupled with “free our oil companies to compete internationally!” This comes despite the little benefit offered to the people of the US if that happened, even without considering the damage that could be caused environmentally. Multinational energy companies sell their product on the world market and pay less then their fair share in taxes.

Here’s the video released by Lenar Whitney:

For the record, nearly everything she said was blatantly false. The video has been watched on YouTube over 100,000 times. Most of those that chose to upvote or downvote it, though, gave it a thumbs down. The unfortunate truth is that propaganda like this sometimes gets through — although the evidence for climate change continues to stack up, United States opinion on it is changing, and not in a way that correlates to the evidence. For the past several years, climate denialism has been on the rise.