Todd Akin: 9/11 Proves Liberals Are Naive Idiots


“Are you SURE it wasn’t a legitimate rape?”

This is a classic case of projection. Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin is still hard at work rehabilitating his image as a victim of the liberal media. That hasn’t stopped him from saying incredibly ignorant things, however. During an interview with World Net Daily (truly a legitimate media outlet), Akin complained that people only believe what they want to believe (you know, like there’s such a thing as “legitimate rape”). This would be a reasonable point to make. Studies show that we tend to reject information that runs counter to our beliefs. Those same studies also show that this is much more of a problem on the right than the left. But as far as Akin is concerned, liberals are the worst!

…I’ll give you an example that that I think was just, you know, across the whole country stunning example of people who, all of a sudden, were shocked to find what one of their life premises was totally wrong. And that was September 11th. You have, all of a sudden, a buncha people don’t know any of us, came from some foreign country, hijack some jets, wiped out thousands of people because they figured we deserved it. And, all of a sudden, liberals all over America were confronted with this idea that there are people who are really sinful, there are really bad people in this world and they hate us even though they don’t know it. And I remember being a congressman during those days and there were six months of just sort of silence from the left.

Here’s the video if you really want to listen to him whining:


OK, let’s clear up a few misconceptions here:

First, liberals were not quiet because “one of their life premises was totally wrong.” They were quiet because, unlike the current conservative movement, liberals pull together with their fellow Americans during a time of crisis. We’d been attacked and almost 3000 people were dead. Bush’s approval rating hit just shy of 90% and that was AFTER the best response he could muster was to tell the nation to go shopping. This stands in stark contrast to how conservatives would respond today.

Something Bob Cesca and Chez Pazienza regularly discuss on their podcast is the sad fact that if 9/11 happened on Obama’s watch, the right would not put aside their partisan hatred for a second. Instead, they would be screaming for impeachment before the rubble had stopped smoking.

And that brings us to the other reason liberals were quiet: the right used 9/11 as a cudgel to advance the conservative agenda. Republicans, already skilled in using fearmongering to cow the opposition, cranked it up to 11. Questioning a wartime president became an act of treason, even on policies completely unrelated to 9/11 or the war in Afghanistan (and later, Iraq). And the media went right along with it. Or did you think it wasn’t strange that some of the largest anti-war protests in a generation barely made it on the evening news?

The only good that really came out of the right’s heavy handed abuse of 9/11 was a re-energized liberal movement that is no longer content to be quiet as conservatives spit on everything America stands for.

But really, if this is the most stunning example of people having a completely unrealistic view of world that Akin can find, he must not be looking very hard. Right now, this very second, there are millions of right wingers who still believe that Obama’s birth certificate is fake. That he is a gay Muslim socialist Nazi that is preparing to destroy America. That having AR-15s and extended magazines will totally protect us from the tanks, missiles and stealth bombers that are going to be used in the upcoming military take over of America. That Obamacare has death panels. That Sarah Palin was qualified to be Vice President. That evolution is a liberal plot to destroy Baby Jesus. That Climate Change is a liberal plot to have the United Nations take control of America. That keeping guns away from the mentally ill, violent criminals and people on the terrorist watch list is the first step to tyranny and a new Holocaust. Etc. Etc.

Also, there are millions of conservatives that truly believe, in the core of their being, that the GOP gives even the tiniest of tiny fucks about them and their well being when Republicans have spent decades making it crystal clear that if you are not rich, you can die in the streets and they would step over your body without a second glance.

Liberals have their own blind spots but we generally abandon a bad idea given enough proof. But conservatives live in an alternate universe where reality seldom intrudes. The shock and horror of Mitt Romney losing after being told for months he was easily crushing that Kenyan fellow wasn’t enough to shake the right from its self-imposed stupor of rage and hate. But we’ll just keep pretending that liberals are naive and blind to the reality of the world.

I wish Akin the best of luck on his comeback tour. If there’s one thing the right wing can always use more of, it’s people who cling to their beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence that they’re actually idiots. Go for it, Todd!

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