GOP Candidate Has Audience Rise For National Anthem, Then Sings ‘Dixie’ (VIDEO)

Did you know that the “National Anthem” is Dixie? Neither did we, but according to Michael Peroutka, currently running as the GOP candidate for Anne Arundel County Council in Maryland, that is precisely what it is.

Speaking before the neo-Confederate secessionist group “League of the South” he gave what can be best described as a sales pitch for his ‘Institute on the Constitution’ course, which explained how the Bible is the foundation of the Constitution. He even directly referred to secession multiple times during his hour-long ramble. At the end of it, he had the audience stand to sing the aforementioned ‘National Anthem’ of Dixie.

Rawstory took his ramble and song, and condensed it to a series of highlights here:

You can witness his full presentation here.

One must wonder what the people of Anne Arundel County think of his belief that succession is a suitable topic, and his use of Dixie as the ‘National Anthem.’ Why is he running for any office for a nation he is not loyal to? Why did he once serve in the Department of Health and Human Services? Why was he the Constitution Parties candidate for president? What country did he think he was working for?

His split from the Constitution party in 2006 after the party elected not to disassociate from the Nevada branch for following the US Constitution was notable only for its absurdity. His newfound membership in the GOP should tell us a lot about the character of the Republican party today – that it welcomes anti-American rhetoric as a matter of course.

And what about his ‘Institute on the Constitution’ he runs? According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, it is a Patriot Group, much like the sovereign citizen group the Republic of the United States of America which advocates for an implementation of a Taliban-like religious dominion.

Neo-Confederates have no place in American politics. The confederacy was a league of traitors who turned their back on the United States and all it stood for. Those who would hold their ideals in any state aside from contempt should not seek higher office, and instead ask themselves why they are here at all and not in Americana, Brazil where their ideas would be welcomed.

Secessionists have no place in modern society. Their ideas are ancient history, obsolete, and do not belong in a democratic republic. They are throwbacks, wishing for a fantasy-land idealized history that never existed. The closest thing to compare them to are children who believe that the middle ages were like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. They need to grow up and understand what the real world is like.

Otherwise all they will be doing in the end is whistling Dixie.