Michelle Obama Pushes Democrats In Her First Major Effort For 2014 Elections (VIDEO)

Despite the importance of the midterm elections this year, it seems like huge numbers of voters don’t plan on getting out and voting, and Democrats stand to possibly lose the Senate and to lose more seats in the House. That would be devastating for causes like raising the minimum wage, reforming financial laws to fight back against economic inequality, stopping the Republican war on women, immigration, and keeping social programs intact. For the first time except for minor fundraisers, Michelle Obama has taken action to galvanize Democratic donors and voters into participating in the 2014 election cycle.

Launching a new site in cooperation with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), called 1 million votes for 2014, the First Lady is trying to get one million people to commit to voting in 2014. You can sign up at the website, linked above, to participate. She also released a video along with the site, saying, “Everywhere I go, I talk to people like you about the issues they care about. Issues like equal pay for women, immigration reform, raising the minimum wage, and ensuring that women can make their own decision about their bodies and their healthcare.”

She continues, “My husband is working so hard on all these issues, but he needs leaders in Congress who will work with him. Leaders who care about what’s going on in your lives and will fight for you every single day.” (Emphasis added.)

And that’s just it. If Democrats don’t get out and vote, the obstruction that’s been faced so far will pale in comparison to the wave of regressive policies and rhetoric that will be faced during the last two years of the Obama administration. Get out and vote, people.

Here’s the video: