Racist White Attempted-Murder Suspect In Florida Refuses To Be Represented By ‘Negro’ Public Defender (VIDEO)

Stamp_Out_Racism,_Belfast,_August_2010When conservatives claim that racism doesn’t exist in America, just show them this footage from a Florida courtroom.

51-year-old Thomas Thorpe is charged with stabbing a 64-year-old man named Donald Sacco four times at a bus stop. According to one witness, Sacco “kept holding his stomach because he was bleeding pretty good, like at least four holes in him.” Thorpe attempted to flee the scene but was stopped when an actual good guy with a gun blocked his path with his vehicle and forced Thorpe to surrender. Police then arrived and took Thorpe into custody.

During his first appearance in front of a judge in the Orange County Court, a public defender stepped up to the plate to provide Thorpe with a legal defense. But as soon as Thorpe- a white man- saw that his unknown attorney was a black man, he demonstrated that he’s not only a would-be killer, he’s a racist would-be killer.

“I said not guilty. I pleaded not guilty and I don’t want this negro standing next to me. I don’t want a negro standing next to me,” Thorpe told the judge as the stunned public defender just turned and looked at him in disbelief. After all, it’s the 21st century, not the Jim Crow era. This kind of thing isn’t what you’d expect to see these days. Thorpe went on to refuse any representation at all, claiming that attorneys “screwed us.”

Here’s the video via WKMG-TV:

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It’s a constitutional right for every defendant to have a legal defense in this country. Even racists like Thorpe are entitled to have an attorney represent him to the best of his or her ability. Ability, however, has nothing to do with what color your skin is. Any attorney of any race can be incompetent or competent. There have been many skilled African-American lawyers in this country, such as Julian Bond, Johnnie Cochran, and Thurgood Marshall, just to name a few. It’s sad to see someone who is in need of an attorney refuse their services simply because they object to their race.

But this is yet another example demonstrating that racism is not over in America as conservatives constantly claim. Perhaps someday, we will actually be able to say that racism has come to end here, but that day is not today.