Female Republican To Pregnant Single Mothers: You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Eat Or Dance On Your Wedding Day

Courtesy of Electablog.com

Courtesy of Electablog.com

The Republican war on women has been particularly rough on single mothers. The male dominated GOP has crusaded against abortion, contraception, equal pay, and even women’s voting rights. This attitude toward women is bad, but it’s even worse when a female Republican does it.

Sheila Kihne is currently running as a Republican candidate against state Rep. Jennifer Loon in a race for a seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Unfortunately for Kihne, seeking public office means everything you’ve ever said or wrote is fair game, especially if it’s on the internet.

In a blog post Kihne wrote in March 2009 before discontinuing it, the Minnesota Republican complained about pregnant single mothers getting married after getting “knocked up.” The rant began with Kihne talking about getting an invite to a baby shower, which then led to her whining about women who have a baby shower and get married after becoming pregnant. Then it got uglier as Kihne proceeded to opine that “knocked up” single moms shouldn’t be allowed to dance or eat at their weddings. Furthermore, she said that these ceremonies should be restricted to courthouses. Apparently, Kihne believes only women who marry prior to getting pregnant should be allowed to have their dream wedding.

“Where has etiquette gone? Don’t you think that if you’re having a baby- and you’re not married- that you should forego the shower?

I also think that if you get married- and are knocked up- you should get married quietly. At a courthouse, at a private home. There should be no 1. Dance 2. Dinner.”

Kihne also seems to think that these marriages just won’t last, as if “normal” marriage always does. She seems to think unwed mothers are low class people who are beneath her. Then she complains about children who are born to unwed mothers.

“I’ve found that many people disagree and I ask the question again and again– what is with the out-of-wedlock kids? I heard the other day that now 40% of children are born to single moms. There are more kinds of birth control available today then lipstick shades. If you don’t want to get pregnant- you don’t. This is crossing all socio-economic lines and education levels it seems to me.”

At least she seems to support birth control unlike most Republicans. It’s just too bad that she doesn’t actually know what she’s talking about.

The price of lipstick can be as low as a couple dollars and is highly accessible. The price of birth control, however, is much higher and it’s far less accessible. According to Planned Parenthood, the cost of birth control can run between $15 to $50 per month. If a woman needs a prescription first, the total cost will be higher. Birth control is also harder to get for many women. Women who live in rural areas may have to drive hundreds of miles to obtain it. And in many conservative states, Republicans are waging a hostile war against birth control medication. Their ultimate goal is to ban it entirely. Women were briefly able to obtain contraception through health insurance plans offered by their employers, but the recent Hobby Lobby ruling allows employers to deny this coverage on religious grounds. Another problem is education. Many red states only teach abstinence-only in sex education courses, resulting in many young women not having much, if any, knowledge about birth control. Due to this, red states have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. Even some parents are also to blame. While many mothers will likely teach their daughters how to apply lipstick, it’s less likely that they’ll talk to them about contraception.

If Republicans want to slash the number of children born to unmarried mothers, the best thing they can do is support better access to birth control. Shaming them definitely won’t do it and it’s still wrong anyway since some women choose to get pregnant and raise children on their own. We all know Republicans only have contempt for brave women who make that choice, but one would think that Republicans would support women who choose to get married and try to make a relationship and family work. It just boggles the mind how Republicans can oppose birth control while also opposing abortion and out-of-wedlock births. It just goes to show that Republicans are living in a fictional 1950s television program while the rest of us are living in the real world.

At a time when women are being targeted by Republican men on a daily basis, it’s sad that some Republican women choose to shame members of their own gender and actually work against women’s best interests. This is just another reason for female voters to reject the GOP at the ballot box this November.

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