Reporter Blames “Lack Of Black Fathers” For Police Distrust (VIDEO)

News 12’s Sean Bergin has recently sparked outrage after he made comments on-air suggesting that the “lack of black fathers” was to blame for the “anti-cop” mentality spreading throughout inner-city neighborhoods in the United States.

Bergin’s comments were made on Sunday as the freelance reporter was covering the fatal shooting of Melvin Santiago, a 23-year-old Jersey City rookie police officer.

At the beginning of Bergin’s unexpected editorial, he says:

“We were besieged, flooded with calls from police officers furious that we would give coverage to the life of a cop killer.” [source]

However, his explanation of why News 12 covered the event came down to his opinions of the suspect’s race. Bergin said:

“The underlying cause for all of this, of course: young black men growing up without fathers.” [source]

He ended his retort with:

“Unfortunately, no one in the news media has the courage to touch that subject.”  [source]

Bergin’s comments were just as inappropriate as they were incorrect, as the state of black fatherhood and its effects have been widely discussed by media outlets. Bergin also failed to acknowledge the history of police brutality and distrust of authority within urban and African American communities.

On Facebook, Bergin said he quit working for the news station after it slashed his pay in response to his comments.

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Although the news organization declined to comment on Bergin’s specific personnel issues, a spokesperson acknowledged that it was against News 12’s policy to express personal opinions on-air.

“It is News 12’s policy that reporters must be objective and not state personal opinions on-air. In regards to the particular incident with Sean Bergin, the matter is being addressed internally and we don’t comment on personnel matters.” [source]

Meanwhile, a Facebook group has been created to request that News 13 bring back Bergin to the station.