Conservative ‘Christian’ Says God Will Punish America With Disaster For Not Supporting Israeli Violence Against Palestinians (VIDEO)

David Barton

David Barton

Israel has been in the news a lot lately, and it’s been nothing but disturbing to say the least. Most recently, Israeli soldiers have killed a 4-year-old Palestinian boy with a bullet to the head, another Palestinian boy was kidnapped by Israelis and burned alive, and an Israeli politician is calling for cutting the power off to hospitals in Gaza. Despite these horrible actions, conservative “Christian” David Barton is warning Americans to support these actions or else face the wrath of God.

During an appearance on Trinity Broadcasting Network program “Praise The Lord” last week, Barton claimed that America would suffer devastating weather disasters if we ever stopped siding with Israel over the Palestinians.

“The way that you treat the Jews shows the degree of civilization that you have,” Barton began.

Anytime you go after the Jews, God comes after you. And by the way, the deal that we’re fighting right now with Israel, they need to give up land or this, we’re told in Acts God said ‘I am the one who establishes boundaries for nations. God told us exactly what the boundaries of Israel are to be and whenever a politician gets involved and says we need to draw the lines this way or that way, they better get permission from God. He’s the one who drew the lines. You start messing with that, you’re messing directly with God…

If you side Israel, God can bless that. If you don’t side Israel, God’s going to have trouble with that. And how does he express that? Well, one of the things he often did in the Bible was weather phenomenon. Other things that he did was productivity would go down, agricultural crisis or droughts…and suddenly you’re not as prosperous as you were.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch.

Not only is Barton ignoring the deplorable violence Israel is inflicting upon Palestinians, his claims about God’s wrath and the borders of Israel are wrong.

It isn’t God who is going to be responsible for unleashing weather disasters upon this country. We did that all by ourselves by ignoring our role in climate change. As a result, hurricanes are getting stronger, droughts are getting longer and more intense, and sea rise is threatening to flood our coastal regions. Weather disasters are nothing new anyway. Any idiot can make such a prediction. It’s like saying it will rain in America sometime in the future. That person will be 100 percent correct every time simply because of how broad and vague the prediction is. It’s not really even a prediction at all. Now all that person has to do is say that God will make it rain in America in the future for something we do or don’t do. Now it’s a religious prediction based on the fact that weather happens. Bad weather will happen anyway whether we please Barton’s God or not.

Barton, the same man who thinks women shouldn’t have the right to vote, is also wrong about God establishing the borders of Israel. There are several different variations of border descriptions in the Bible. One would think that Almighty God would be able to pick one and stick with it. But even those variations don’t match up with the boundaries of Israel as we know it today. As it turns out, the borders of Israel were drawn up by the British in an effort to transport oil out of the Middle East, and were used by the United Nations to create the state of Israel after World War II. The Israel we know today is a 20th Century invention. Even those boundaries didn’t last long as Israelis seized more territory in 1967. God didn’t do that. The Israelis did it themselves for the sake of a land grab at the expense of the Palestinian people, who also have ancient claims to the Holy Land.

Barton’s pro-Israel rant ignores the violence inflicted upon innocent Palestinian children by Israelis. If I’m not mistaken, aren’t all children innocent and loved in the eyes of Jesus and God? If making God angry will result in severe punishment, shouldn’t Israel be fearful of the disaster that God is about to rain down upon them for spilling the blood of children? The power of right-wing factions in Israel and the United States must come to an end. The extremist thirst for war and expansion have turned both nations into killers of innocents in the name of religious fervor. It’s time for change and peace. And if we want that to happen, we need to get religion out of politics, exile conservative extremists back to the ignored fringe where they belong, and treat all people with respect, compassion, and fairness.