Controversial Ad Of White Woman Feeding Black Child Like A Dog Pulled For Racism (VIDEO)

South African charity Feed A Child has apologized for a controversial advertisement that portrayed a wealthy white woman feeding a black child like a dog.

The one-minute video was produced for the charity by advertising giant Ogilvy and Mather, and the ad features the child sitting on the floor while the woman feeds him from the table.


In another clip, the woman feeds the child a treat as he lays on her lap like a puppy.


The child is also shown bringing the woman a newspaper, which is rewarded with a treat.


The tagline at the end says: “The average domestic dog eats better than millions of children.”

When the ad was shown on South African news channels, the reaction of the public was widely negative. There were so many complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency, the ad was removed. On Twitter, commenters made their opinions known, declaring the ad was “hugely racist”, in “poor taste” and that Feed A Child had chosen “the wrong way to get the message across.”

However, there were some defenders of the ad, saying that Feed A Child was just “pointing out the injustice of starving children”.

Alza Rautenbach, chief executive of Feed A Child, apologized for any outrage the advert caused. She said the aim of the ad was to raise awareness for child hunger in South Africa and that it was “unfortunate” that the charity’s strong statement against a social ill had been turned into a “racial issue.”

Rautenbach said:

“From Feed A Child’s side, we don’t look at color. To us there isn’t a black and a white and an Indian. … The reason was not to stir a negative reaction or offend anyone. We do apologize for that. To us it was a woman and a child.” [source]

“What if this advert changed a child’s life? What if this advert changed 3.5 million children’s lives? What if this was your child going to bed hungry tonight, and this advert can change that?

The child was a character that the agency used. It wasn’t chosen for any specific reason – and yes, the idea was to use multiracial people, just as our country is. It doesn’t help to have an advert that is not representative.” [source]


Alza Rautenbach

Accompanying the decision to pull the ad, Feed A Child released this apology: