Conservative Racists Cruelly Propose Using Land Mines To Prevent Immigrant Children From Crossing The Border (VIDEO)

RightWingExtremistThe unfolding crisis affecting immigrant children at the border continues to grow as federal officials try to figure out how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, conservatives have only made things worse by attacking these kids with hate speech and threats. The disturbing display of racist anger near Murrieta, California has embarrassed the nation in the eyes of the world and right-wing militia groups are trying to set up positions on the border and threatening desperate children with death if they should attempt to cross into America. But the cruelty is reaching a brand new low.

During a meeting in Vassar, Michigan on July 9th, a group of racist bigots spoke out against the possibility that the town may have to play host to over 100 refugee children from south of the border. The kids would be housed in a youth facility. That didn’t sit well with these rabid conservatives.

I’m not here because I am some redneck rube from a small town in the Michigan Thumb,” one man said in an effort to mask his contempt for the brown-skinned children. “I’m not here because I’m a racist. I’m not here because I’m an old white guy. I’m here because I’m concerned about the federal government, and I’m concerned for my grandchildren and their future.”

Then the rhetoric at the meeting really reached fever pitch after Republican state legislative candidate Tom Wassa accused President Obama of being a “domestic terrorist” who is bringing immigrant children here on purpose to stoke fear and terrorism in the United States. This led to other racists to make even more ridiculous claims. One claimed that the children were being infected with diseases and sent here to spread them to us. Yet another claimed that America was under attack and that these kids were just the first phase of a military invasion. Unfortunately, these weren’t the worst things said at the gathering. It got even uglier.

A former Marine then stepped up to speak and proposed an idea so cruel, so violent, and so heartless that it’s a mystery why he was allowed to serve in the US military in the first place. In general, our soldiers have a special spot in their hearts for children in war zones. For decades now, American soldiers have carried Hershey bars into foreign countries. And for decades, the children in those countries have been given those chocolate bars as a sign of good will and compassion. After all, children are innocent and shouldn’t be treated as enemy combatants. As a result, many children grow up in those places with a more positive view of American servicemen and women. But Terry Mocny has no such compassion for children, even when they are seeking asylum in America to escape violence and crime. He suggested that a minefield be established along the border to keep these children out.

“I support a minefield along the border,” he said. Then he said the children should also be imprisoned. I’m assuming he means if there are any children left to put in jail after they blow up upon stepping on a land mine.

Here’s the disgusting video via Liberal America.

Land mines are a major problem in worn torn areas around the world. Even land mines that are decades old can still be armed and ready to explode at the slightest disturbance. Far too often, the victim is a woman or a child. Most victims weren’t even born when the mines were set during whatever conflict was raging at the time. But even after the fighting has stopped, land mines are still buried waiting to add more casualties to a war that ended long ago. According to UNICEF,

“Since 1975, land-mines have exploded under more than 1 million people and are currently thought to be killing 800 people a month. There seems little prospect of any end to the carnage. In 64 countries around the world, there are an estimated 110 million land-mines still lodged in the ground—waiting…

Adults caught in the blast of an anti-personnel mine often survive with treatment, though they usually lose a limb. Children are less likely to survive because their bodies are so vulnerable. Those who do live will be seriously injured. A child may lose one or both legs or arms and sustain serious injuries to the genitals and abdomen. Shrapnel may also cause blindness and disfigurement.”

That’s why political celebrities such as former President Bill Clinton, the late Princess Diana, and others have made the removal of land mines an important priority.

Just the thought of a human being suggesting such a cruel method of keeping immigrant children from crossing the border makes me want to vomit. And the truly frightening part is that more conservatives may actually begin echoing this very dangerous and horrible idea. Of course, this is the same party that supports using torture and has called for assassinations and bloody coups, so it probably isn’t much of a surprise.

But these are innocent children we’re talking about, and the GOP is always bragging about how they they’re pro-life and pro-children, not to mention Christian. So, how is it “pro-life” and “Christian” to lay land mines at a border so that children will be maimed or killed as they try desperately to escape violence in their own countries by fleeing to ours? It’s unconstitutional, it’s un-American and it makes no sense at all. Republicans across the country should be put on the spot about this immediately so they have a chance to condemn and reject this sick proposal before it spreads so much among the extreme right that it becomes a plank in the GOP platform.