Democrats Destroy GOP In Fund-raising By A Landslide In Wake Of Hobby Lobby Ruling And Republican Overreach

Democratic donkey kicking out GOP elephant

Image from Daily Kos.

As the 2014 midterm election in November approaches, Republicans are getting absolutely hammered in fund-raising by Democrats. The hammer began to drop approximately three weeks ago.

Towards the end of June, House Speaker John Boehner announced that House Republicans are going to sue President Obama. Since then, we’ve learned that the suit will be over Obama granting a one year delay of the Obamacare employer mandate to small businesses. Just a few days later, five conservative male Supreme Court Justices ruled that women can be denied contraception coverage by their religious employers. Shortly after that ridiculously sexist decision, Sarah Palin called on House Republicans to impeach President Obama.

In a span of a couple weeks, Republicans gave Democrats three major gifts of stupidity that they are now paying for dearly.

Since Boehner first announced plans to sue the President, donations to Democrats have soared. So far, $3 million has been raked in. This money isn’t from a single rich donor either, it’s from the pockets of ordinary Americans who really want to see Republicans get their asses handed to them on Election Day.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) spokesman Josh Schwerin told AFP that “Republican overreach continues to be a huge motivating factor for our grassroots. First Boehner’s lawsuit and now Palin’s call for impeachment have led to an avalanche of support from low-dollar donors across the country.”

Indeed, it certainly has angered the public enough for them to open their wallets in the hope that Democrats can take back the House and keep the Senate. And it’s the three instances of GOP overreach mentioned earlier that are playing the biggest role in this newfound energy.

On the same day as the Hobby Lobby decision, the DCCC received $800,000 in donations. It’s the biggest fund-raising day thus far for Democrats. After that, another $400,000 came pouring in after Tea Party queen Sarah Palin demanded the impeachment of President Obama. And that’s not even half of what Democrats have raised overall since the end of June. But money isn’t the only thing Republicans should worry about.

What Republicans should fear most is the voters. The $3 million raise since June came from 157,000 donors. A whopping 25 percent of them are first-time donors. So because of the extremist behavior of Republicans, new people are getting involved in election politics. That’s bad news for Republicans considering they’ve been desperate to draw new supporters to their destructive cause since losing in 2012. That year, the GOP lost the youth vote, the women vote, the black vote, and the Latino vote by large margins. And their current activities won’t help those margins improve anytime soon.

By suing and calling for impeachment of President Obama, Republicans are attacking the first African-American president. Such an attack will only rally a black population that already nearly voted 100% against Republicans in 2012. It may even cause many Republicans to turn away from the party. A recent survey discovered that 74% of Republicans like their plans under Obamacare. That number is hard to ignore if you’re a Republican candidate who continually calls for repealing the law. Furthermore, the Hobby Lobby decision is mobilizing female voters, a majority of whom support contraception access. However, it’s not only women who support contraception access. As it turns out a majority of Americans do as well. According to a survey conducted by Hart Research Associates, an overwhelming 71% of Americans support contraception coverage in all insurance plans. In short, the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling goes completely against what most Americans believe.

Another problem for Republicans is the army of young millennial voters who back Democrats. A poll conducted in May found that voters 18-30 support Democrats 42% to 27%. Up to now, those voters haven’t been energized to vote in this year’s election. But, because of current GOP overreach, that may very well change. If Democrats are able to light a fire under young voters due to outrageous actions by Republicans, the GOP could be in for a world of hurt in November.

Yet another issue that poses a definite threat to Republican chances is the immigration issue unfolding at the border. The crisis has placed new focus on the fact that House Republicans continue to refuse to pass immigration reform. Plus, the hatred and utter lack of compassion that conservatives have shown toward innocent immigrant children in the last few days isn’t helping their image at all. 70% of Latino voters supported Democrats in 2012. That number could increase in 2014 just because of the immigration issue alone. But a majority of Latino voters also support contraception access, so the Hobby Lobby ruling just gives them another reason to reject Republicans at the voting booth.

Since the Republican Party shut down the government and threatened the nation with default on the debt in 2013, Democrats have out-raised the GOP $42 million to $17 million. It’s an incredibly wide margin that when combined with energized voters could spell doom for the GOP in a midterm election year that would have traditionally been an easy victory for them. The election is no longer theirs to win, it’s theirs to lose, and Republicans only have themselves to blame for the storm that is about to bury them.