Teacher and Doctor Husband Involved Elementary School In Prescription Drug Ring


Recently, a bizarre prescription pill ring involving a Rowan County, North Carolina elementary school has been busted. The scheme was orchestrated by one of the teachers at the school and her doctor husband. Five others school employees, as well as a sixth person, were also involved.

The scheme worked like this: the teachers involved would fill out bogus prescriptions for hydrocodone, which were written by the husband, Dr. Orrin Walker. Once the pills were obtained, they were taken back to the doctor and his wife, Abby Walker. Over the course of 17 months, the Walkers had filled approximately 200 illegal prescriptions and obtained about 25,000 pills.

Police Chief Eddie Kluttz said:

“He would write the prescriptions in their names. They would pick them up and in turn, turn the medications over to her. The information was exchanged at the schools.” [source]

Abby Walker has been accused of convincing two fellow teachers at Bostian Elementary School in China Grove as well as luring another teacher from Southside Christian Academy in Salisbury, an administrative assistant from McKnight School in Kannapolis and a friend to fill the prescriptions. The Walkers and all suspects say that although information was exchanged at the schools, pills were never handled there and the students were never put in harm’s way.

Orrin Walker, who was employed at the Main Street Family Practice in China Grove, now has an inactive medical license. Abby Walker has been suspended from her position at Bostian Elementary School since March, when the school first discovered the police investigation. She has now resigned.

The Walkers have been charged with Level III Trafficking Opiates By Possession, while the other suspects each have multiple counts of Conspiracy to Commit Prescription Fraud/Forgery.

Residents of Rowan County have been shocked to hear about the crime. Parent Karen Lucy said:

“If they’re doing this then obviously we don’t need them teaching our children.” [source]

School board members are also equally concerned that teachers and employees have been accused of illegally obtaining painkillers, and will be in conversations to prevent this from happening again. Rowan-Salisbury School Board member Chuck Hughes said:

“It is betrayal of that responsibility. I want to push that we do routine random drug testing on every school employee and that means the school board. I’m willing to do the test also.” [source]