Tea Party Rep. Louie Gohmert Hates President Obama So Much, He Wants To Defund Everything He Cares About (AUDIO)

Conversations with ConservativesTexas Tea Party Rep. Louie Gohmert once compared civil rights for African-Americans to insect rights. But he not only despises rights for black people, he wants to punish them at every turn. That effort begins and ends with President Obama.

In his obsession to sabotage Obama’s presidency and to punish him simply because he’s president while being black, Gohmert is hell bent on literally defunding everything in the budget that Obama cares about.

In an interview with conservative crackpot website WorldNetDaily, Gohmert said he and other conservatives in the House plan to pass such a budget in response to Obama threatening to issue an executive order on immigration.

“Well, the Founders gave us the power of the purse. It’s going to take a lot of courage to stand up to the president and say, ‘We’re going to start defunding anything that you care deeply about that’s not important to the American people.’ We’re going to start defunding the Attorney General’s office. We’ve got a bill that would actually, and we’ve been pushing to get this into an appropriations package, it says anybody that’s in contempt of Congress can’t be paid their salary. We need to do that, we need to start eliminating money for any agency, including the White House, that is not following the law. And then you get their attention. That’s what the Founders anticipated.

And I know our speaker says, ‘Oh, gee, but we’re only one half of one third.’ But we’re the most important half of the appropriations process, so if we don’t agree to an appropriation, it doesn’t happen. It’s time we took a stronger stand in that regard.”

Here’s the audio via Right Wing Watch.

Of course, the House could just pony up and pass the immigration reform bill that the Senate passed last year. But House Republicans don’t want to pass anything that would be a win for President Obama, so they’re playing petty politics instead. House Speaker John Boehner has already announced that House Republicans are going to sue Obama in court over his use of executive orders. This is just another instance of the GOP holding America hostage to hurt President Obama.

Unfortunately for the GOP, their case is totally frivolous. Thus far in his presidency, Obama has only issued 182 executive orders. That is far less than the total 672 executive orders issued by former President George W. Bush and former President Ronald Reagan combined. Did Republicans whine about executive orders then? No, they didn’t. But because President Obama is issuing executive orders, the GOP only now has a problem with it. That’s because they don’t want Obama to get anything done, period. House Republicans believe that they have the power to tell President Obama what to do. So far, they’ve done nothing so that President Obama can’t get anything done. But presidents have always been able to issue executive orders to act on issues where Congress won’t. It’s not enough for Republicans to prevent Obama from signing legislation he supports from getting done, they want to stop him from doing anything at all.

House Republicans in the worst Congress ever recorded in the history of this nation are banding their all-white membership together to throw the biggest temper tantrum of all time in a last ditch effort to make America’s first black president helpless to govern the country as those same Republicans refuse to govern it themselves. And they’re willing to tear America apart piece by piece via the budget to do it, which very well could lead to yet another government shutdown this Fall. If you’re a voter who actually gives a damn about the future of your family, friends, and country, how can you not be eager to cast a vote against Republicans this November?