Story Of Teen Mom Turned Boss Inspires Millions

America has the highest percentage of teen mothers than any other developed country. Unfortunately, instead of receiving the support they need, these young mothers are often shamed for being pregnant.

When a teen mother is able to overcome all of these challenging conditions and become successful, it’s not by accident – it’s with a lot of hard work and motivation. So when this unidentified New York woman ran into Brandon Stanton, the photographer and founder behind the famed Humans of New York (HONY) blog, she couldn’t wait to tell her story.

Stanton posted the woman’s narrative onto HONY’s Facebook page and within 24 hours, her story had gone viral with over 1 million “likes.” When you read her story, you’ll know why.

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This woman is proof that just because a teen girl becomes pregnant, her life is not over and her chances for success are not ruined. In fact, several famous women were teen mothers, such as Aretha FranklinSofia VergaraWendy DavisCathy HughesSolange KnowlesMaya Angelou. We must also mention social scientist Ann Dunham, who was only 19 years old when she gave birth to Barack Obama.