Thief Apologizes For Stealing American Flag Of Firefighter Killed In 9/11

Melissa Brengel of Long Island, New York was devastated when she found out that her family’s American flag had been stolen last week.


That particular American flag had been given to the Brengels after it flew over the World Trade Center ruins – which Melissa’s brother, 29-year-old firefighter Jonathan Ielpi, had died in on 9/11. Melissa said:

“We put it out during certain times of the year just to remember.” [source]

Melissa was obviously upset by the theft. She said:

“I don’t think there’s a way [the thief] could have known, but at the same time, they’re coming onto my property and taking something that means so much to me and so many Americans. It hurts me and all of them that somebody could do something like this.” [source]

Fortunately, the flag was returned to the family just in time for the 4th of July. It was left on the family’s porch with a note that read:

“I am so sorry. I had no idea.” [source]


Melissa and her family couldn’t have been more relieved. She said:

“The flag means so much to me and my family and we are so happy and grateful that it was returned and we are able to display it again, although this time it will be put in a proper case and displayed in the house.” [source]