This Restaurant Has Banned All Tips And Donates Gratuity To Charity


There’s a new restaurant in San Antonio that’s challenging the typical business model of restaurants. Oaks Crossing restaurant doesn’t let their servers take home any tips – and it’s definitely raising some eyebrows.

The restaurant opened last Friday, becoming the first restaurant in San Antonio to use a no-tip policy for the greater good.

Nick George, Oaks Crossing’s manager, says he is “flattered” that customers still leave behind a few dollars on their tables, although he discourages it. But even when the unnecessary gratuity is given, it doesn’t go to the servers or the restaurant. Instead, the money is donated to charity. So far, the restaurant has donated to the local Parman Branch Library.

And just to ensure that its servers are making enough money, the restaurant compensates them with a competitive wage (perhaps taking a tip from upscale NYC restaurant Sushi Yasuda).

For some, the restaurant’s alternative way of operating has been confusing. Because it is not clear that tips aren’t accepted at Oaks Crossing, one man noted after dining at the restaurant:

“I think they need to put signs out or at least notify you, inform you somehow.” [source]

Currently, management states that they’re creating signs that will inform diners of the policy. To give this story a feel-good ending, when that man found out what Oaks Crossing really does with the tips, he returned with a check for $1,000!