Nonprofit Creates Safe Public Spaces For Vancouver’s Homeless


Many cities aren’t sensitive when it comes to their homeless populations, but Vancouver might just set an example for how the most vulnerable members of its community should be treated.

RainCity Housing is a nonprofit that provides housing for people with mental illnesses and addiction. Recently, the nonprofit partnered with Spring Advertising for a compassionate month-long campaign to serve┬áVancouver’s homeless.

While most imagery of the homeless portrays downtrodden faces, the campaign instead created two bench advertisements that carry a strong message. One bench has the ability to transform into a shelter with a makeshift roof. The bench also has the address to RainCity Housing, where someone in need can go and find support.





The second bench used ultraviolet ink to carry its message. In the sunlight, the message says “This is a bench” but when it’s dark, it says “This is a bedroom.” For those who have no home, this glow-in-the-dark message reflects a harsh reality with understanding and compassion.


Spring Advertising got involved in the campaign as part of its Strange Acts of Kindness initiative, which is an ongoing policy of giving. The agency’s creative director,┬áRob Schlyecher, said:

“Simply put, our society cannot expect homeless people to just go away. They need a safe place to sleep and a base from which to stabilize their lives.” [source]

If you’d like to learn more about RainCity Housing, visit their website.